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Integrated operating model solution: Creating the foundation for growth

Accenture helps clients drive growth and achieve strategic goals through the creation of an integrated operating model based on an advanced approach to shared services.


Shared services has driven high performance for more than two decades, and companies have grown to depend on the savings and synergies that the model brings.

But the bar continues to rise, and companies across industries and all along the spectrum of shared services’ sophistication are looking to create business value from the model in new ways. We see the shared services model evolving in line with the growing strategic importance of the shared services concept.

The Accenture Integrated Operating Model Solution helps clients strategize and design new, global operating models that integrate front to middle and back office activities across multiple processes and functions into meaningful end to end services, focused on achieving business outcomes. These are designed from the outside in with the customer experience at the center.

The next generation of shared services will require transforming and innovating business services (and not just end-to-end processes) and moving from a cost-reduction to a business-outcome focus. We can help. No matter where your organization is in its shared services journey, we have the experience, global capabilities and knowledge to help your company achieve its business goals.

Why Accenture

We know what it takes to build and run a world class advanced shared services model - which we call the integrated business services model.

We have decades of experience designing and running shared services organizations of varying degrees of complexity, both for our clients and for ourselves.

We understand how it works. We have a deep understanding of the wide range of functions that support an enterprise—including front, middle and back office. As a leader in integrated business services solutions, we have experience designing and building captive service centers, as well as running business process outsourcing and managed services for our clients.

We are global. We can provide the “muscle” behind shared services because we are a global company with a broad global footprint, global talent pools, and global delivery partners and tools.

We practice what we preach. Within Accenture, we operate for ourselves one of the most advanced integrated business services organizations in the world. With our first-hand knowledge, we know how to build, run and grow an integrated business services organization, and how to shift the focus from strictly cost reduction to enabling business strategy and developing a platform for continuous innovation at scale.