Digital Plant

Smart. Connected. Living. Learning.


Accenture’s Digital Plant services and solutions are designed to connect the entire operating asset vertically (from plant floor to boardroom door) and horizontally (from molecule to consumer). Our suite of solutions provides predictive, real-time visibility into operational performance, asset health, emerging risks, and recommended actions, resulting in reduced maintenance and capital project costs, improved worker productivity and safety, and reduced off-spec product. In turn, companies can optimize their responses and create opportunities for margin improvements, greater reliability and safer operations.

Our capabilities include:

Using digital tools beyond CAD to better access, recycle and use engineering, operational and enterprise data to better predict, plan, control and execute capital projects across the plant lifecycle.

Solutions include:

  • Virtual and augmented reality in construction including 3D/4D models of operating assets
  • Digital twin and digital thread
  • Engineering authoring tools
  • Turnaround analytics and turnaround optimization center
  • Cloud-based multi-supplier collaboration
  • Real-time material tracking

Proactive issue resolution and always-optimal operation utilizing advanced digital technologies to provide greater integration and insights across the landscape of legacy plant systems from MES to sensor.

Solutions include:

  • Production surveillance
  • Predictive process control
  • Pipeline video analytics
  • Situational intelligence hub
  • Intelligent command centers
  • Advanced automation/control system architecture
  • Remote operations centers

Digitized assets connected in real-time to provide intelligence for self-healing, to forecast demand and understand changing performance requirements, providing insights into both risk and value to the enterprise.

Solutions include:

Augmented workers improve efficiency and safety, becoming a connected asset to be coached, scheduled and monitored in real-time, protected and optimized through digital technologies.

Solutions include:

  • Connected Industrial Worker
  • Life safety solutions
  • Immersive training virtual reality
  • Inspection drones/UAV
  • Dynamic resource planning


Our digital plant solutions unlock significant value, focused on these four key value levers:

Increased revenue, through increased production and reduced downtime

Increased capital efficiency, via improved asset utilization and capital reduction

Reduced OPEX, as a result of reduced production costs and overhead

Reduced operational risks, by reducing asset risks and improved health & safety programs

To drive value, our digital plant solutions are enabled by various aspects of digital technologies:

Visualization & Alerts
View performance from the
C-suite to plant floor across all areas of the plant. Integrated alerting to the right people at the right time from any source.

Predictive, Integrated Optimization
Optimize plant performance beyond functional silos by using integrated, advanced analytics models.

Advanced Analytics
Predictive insights using advanced analytics, moving from reactive to proactive. Link analytics to dynamic plant scheduling tools to enable agile operations.

Active Plant & Best Next Action
A digital representation of the plant combining real-time data and analytics. Artificial Intelligence integrated with plant data to guide next best action.

Autonomous Operations
Reduce risk and cost through autonomous operations using Artificial Intelligence techniques such as deep learning.

Digital Work
Utilize automated workflow-driven mobile solutions such as ATEX certified tablets, smart phones, and industrial glasses with augmented and virtual reality for operations and maintenance workers. Reduce risk, improve safety and optimise costs through a self-directed workforce.


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Managing Director, European Lead

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Managing Director, North American Lead

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Refining Lead

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Mining Lead

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Chemicals Lead

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Power Generation Lead

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