Leveraging the cloud has become a fast and more cost-effective way for companies large and small to streamline HR processes and scale services as they expand. With the cloud you can upgrade and integrate new applications in a matter of months rather than years, continually evolving and delivering new services across the entire workforce and employee lifecycle at speed. It’s time for HR to expand cloud capabilities to create the next generation of HR and Talent Management and meet the needs of the workforce of the future. Leveraging the cloud allows you the agility to balance global efficiency with local workforce compliance laws.


  • Based on HR Technology trends, all major HR platforms in the future may only be delivered via SaaS. Investment in upgrading existing on-premise solutions today delays the cost of moving to SaaS at a later point.

  • Move to HR Cloud 2.0, or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    • Vendors provide a platform allowing your organization to develop, run and manage web applications

    • The vendor manages the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure

    • You can leverage PaaS to create one application that can aggregate data and processes from many disparate systems into a single user experience

  • Support global governance and compliance across borders by leveraging the cloud, so your organization can support a diverse and distributed workforce