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Digital business model services

Introducing your new digital business


Say hello to your digital business. With Digital Business Model Services, Accenture helps clients explore using digital to ‘do things differently’, and to ‘do different things’. As part of a larger suite of services, this interactive, workshop-based program interlocks with our Digital Visioning and Digital Incubation approaches to help clients explore ways to remain relevant in new and existing markets. For example, clients will explore where value is going in their industries and which markets to avoid or enter; understand the business case for digital transformation; see what continuous strategy setting looks like.

Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to leverage digital disruption for growth. An important step understanding the digital landscape is to understand where your business sits within that environment. We help clients explore, formulate and implement innovative models that can help organizations adapt to and adopt new digital models that can remake their businesses and generate new growth.