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Connecting vision and practice to help nonprofits improve outcomes

Nonprofits can meet demands of accountability and performance while improving the lives of those they serve.


Increasing numbers of nonprofits are competing with for-profit organizations in a saturated, complicated market. At the same time, these nonprofits are struggling with internal change and operational flaws. They must answer demands for accountability and performance, while keeping an eye on improving outcomes for those they serve.

Turning nonprofits’ visions into reality requires that the proper people, processes and technologies are in place to effect change. Accenture has helped more than 150 nonprofit clients to create a foundation for differentiation by streamlining operations, measuring performance and discovering opportunities for improvement. With Accenture’s help, these organizations have successfully bridged the gap between their innovative aspirations and the ability to execute with high performance.

Why Accenture

Accenture helps nonprofits develop the foundation for differentiating themselves and remaining robust and relevant in an increasingly complicated and competitive market.

We understand that nonprofits ultimately want to more effectively target donors, keep back office expenses down, use IT to drive transformation and realize lasting programmatic efficiency—so they can spend more effort and resources toward achieving their mission. That’s why we use a broad range of strategic-planning resources in order to develop innovative, collaborative approaches for solving problems and achieving results. We help transform our nonprofit clients’ operating models by:

  • Building a strong foundation based on developing strategy and identifying needed capabilities.

  • Helping define board and organization governance structures.

  • Assisting in forming alliances and new relationships.

  • Helping develop analytical capabilities such as fact-based management and predictive models using statistical and quantitative data about the people they serve.

Specific Services

Accenture helps improve nonprofits’ existing business capacity and shape new capabilities as needed to affect the operational and cultural changes the nonprofits’ new future demands.

We do this by:

  • Taking a holistic approach to workplace performance and productivity that focuses on individual, workplace and organizational performance.

  • Using a Human Capital Development Framework to assess capabilities and identify processes to improve these capabilities and organizational performance.

  • Providing customer relationship management (CRM) and donor management capabilities that enable nonprofits to maximize outreach efforts.

  • Helping meet information technology, website and content-management needs.

  • Improving process efficiency and effectiveness through business-process reengineering.

We also help improve nonprofit operations and measurement by:

  • Helping nonprofits conduct and measure consumer-facing and back-office operations in a way that meets demands for greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.

  • Providing shared services and outsourcing services so that nonprofits can focus less on administrative tasks and more on their core missions and strategies.

  • Investing in our information technology offerings and business process outsourcing services to better serve our nonprofit clients.

  • Offering flexible finance planning and performance management solutions that enable strategic change, constant monitoring and adjustment, and forecasting capabilities.