Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, communications businesses have played a crucial role in keeping the world working, connected and informed. As a result, the research we have conducted shows that communication service providers (CSPs) have increased the trust consumers and businesses place in them. CSPs have asserted their relevance and regained eminence as customers recognize that the services they provide enable their economic and social well-being.

As countrywide lockdown measures are lifted, economies are re-opened and the world enters a new phase, CSPs can emerge stronger by building on that trust and relevance and developing new partnerships, products, services and business models to help people live, work and play in the Never Normal.

Navigating the impact of COVID-19

In our first paper focused on COVID-19, published in April, we detailed the impact of changing supply and demand and how these forces were disrupting business operations, using that analysis to inform our Rapid Response framework to support CSP leaders with decision making.

Now as the world moves from Rapid Response to the Never Normal, we carried out two key pieces of research with consumers and small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to support the development of our perspective on what CSPs must do next to emerge stronger. We also facilitated a global virtual forum of CSP CTO’s to better understand key industry challenges and share best practices.

In this paper, we address the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers and businesses, key considerations for communications industry leaders and, crucially, how CSPs should use the crisis as an opportunity for re-invention by building on their platform of trust and regained eminence to offer consumers and business the services they need while strengthening culture and digital workforce.

A framework for CSPs to emerge stronger

To support CSP leaders, we have developed an “Emerge Stronger” framework – driven by our industry insights, client engagements and data from our research. Our framework aims to support profitable growth for CSPs responding to the COVID-19 crisis and provide clear guidance for leaders in the communications industry on how best to outmaneuver uncertainty at this critical time, as they shift from rapid response to future business resilience.

The framework is focused on emerging revenue and growth drivers, elevating the customer experience, building a digital workforce, capturing the promise of the pervasive network and leveraging the power of the cloud across the entire business to support CSPs to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

An ‘Emerge Stronger’ framework from our consumer and SMB research - new growth opportunities, zero-touch customer experiences, culture and digital workforce, pervasive networks and industry cloudification.

‘Emerge Stronger’ framework


We do hope you find this perspective and framework useful as you navigate the road ahead and be assured Accenture’s people, proven accelerators and ecosystem partners are available to help your business emerge stronger.

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Re-gaining eminence and emerging stronger

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