Fee compression, disruptive technologies, geopolitical tension. Welcome to business as usual in 2020. One of the big questions confronting asset managers is: with so many flashing red lights, how can you push through and invest in the right strategies and capabilities for value creation?

To help support your decision making at this critical time, we’ve created a watch list of 10 top strategic priorities for the journey ahead, including harnessing the power of new technologies, infusing business agility with operating model transformation and managing operational risks proactively to counter emerging threats.

1. Make your operating model more adaptable

Change any static operating model to a dynamic, agile model that is fast, flexible and efficient.

2. Question all cost center strategies

Examine cost structures within the context of delivering value to your organization for a better understanding of where to unlock trapped value.

3. Grow new revenue opportunities

Reinvent and industrialize your underlying value chain, with a clearer focus on business model structures as well as niche versus scale operations.

4. Tap into the value of new technologies sensibly

Leverage AI, analytics and automation not only to realize cost savings, but also to increase adaptability to support current and future objectives.

5. Evolve your business model for customer focus

Develop more meaningful customer relationships to help deliver the right offering to the right client at the right time.

6. Transform the user experience

Personalization is key. A successful user experience—which leads to the conversion of users into sustainable customers—is vital to business growth.

7. Establish a strong data foundation

Fuel innovation and transformation initiatives with data that is trusted, transparent, integrated and accessible at speed.

8. Be proactive with operational risk management

Fortify your most important digital assets with robust cyber defenses; there is no one-size fits all approach in today’s risk environment.

9. Identify, onboard and develop the right talent

Reassess your talent strategies and reinvent how human capital can be deployed at your firm with a hybrid approach—‘people + machines’ model.

10. Transform the asset management culture

Instituting a 'culture of change' is a key pillar of a successful enterprise.

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Mike Kerrigan

Managing Director – Capital Markets, Asset Management Lead


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