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Winning the Digital Experience Race

Corporate IT is facing an enormous challenge: how to reinvent itself to satisfy consumers.


We live in a digital world where consumers are king, able to find, evaluate, discuss and buy products non-stop. Companies must launch new ways to influence and satisfy consumers or risk loss of market share, or extinction.

And the continuous advent of new technology drives the consumer to keep raising the bar, demanding more from their digital experience.

Key Insights

Emerging technologies help companies create solutions to provide the consumer with those new and improved experiences.

Tomorrow has become today. Reinvention requires focus to win the global digital marketplace.

Frame your strategy. First, companies must frame their strategy around non-stop customers with new thinking that bridges physical and digital worlds.

Optimise marketing to influence at scale. Social networking extends conversations to thousands of people online. To influence purchasing behaviour companies must understand how consumers use social media and adjust the way they market.

Using agile iterative development to accelerate improvements companies can tap new ideas through crowd sourcing and open source communities and create new digital experiences using Silicon Valley techniques.

Use analytics to understand consumers better. Companies can open the door to creating new, personalised digital experiences by using cloud and analytics to examine data on consumer interests.

Set up enterprise IT to accommodate digital experiences. Inflexible legacy systems are out. To deliver digital experiences corporate IT must get its house in order now or risk irrelevance.

Companies cannot afford to wait while consumers tweet, like and yelp. Corporate IT must get focused.


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