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Creating the digital banking relationship center of the future

A combination of human advisors, platforms and intelligent automation can change the future of work.

With more than 70 percent of banks' customer interactions going through digital channels, the contact center must adapt to play a new role.

"As branch networks shrink and branches are used for exceptions rather than standard transactions, forward-thinking banks can take what many consider the ‘channel of last resort’ and transform it into the nucleus of customer interactions—revenue growth centers that drive loyalty and create personalized customer experiences."

Imagine human advisors that can anticipate a customer’s needs, that see the world through their eyes to understand the personal context of their financial lives. And imagine the value customers would find in not having to deal with annoying call routing systems, frustrating transfers and impersonal service.

Three keys can help banks say goodbye to the banking contact center as we know it, and hello to the digital banking relationship center of the future.