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Security Implications: Accenture Technology Vision 2014

Discover six themes that reflect the shifts emerging now among digital power brokers of tomorrow.


Large companies are making a concerted push to transform themselves from followers to leaders in digital. But does that include a plan for leadership in data security? Does it rally the organization’s security resources around the parts of the digital business that need it most? Is the push backed by a real security mindset among the executive team?

For business leaders everywhere, the next three years will be about accelerating the organization’s pace in the digital race—and its place in the new digital world. Backed by their deep resources, enormous scale and process discipline, global enterprises such as GE, Tesco, Disney and Procter & Gamble are rewriting entire chapters of the digital playbook. The first movers are poised to take advantage of technology in ways that will upend the expectations of industry observers and consumers alike.

The physical world is coming online as objects, devices, and machines acquire more digital intelligence.


The Technology Vision 2014 report from Accenture Technology Labs highlights six themes that reflect the shifts emerging now among the digital power brokers of tomorrow—themes that range from the push for architected resilience to the blurring between the digital and physical worlds. It provides a richly detailed view from which business leaders in every industry can draw insight, inspiration and excitement about where digital technologies can take their organizations.

Each of the themes comes with significant challenges, and each requires deeper perspectives to sharpen the focus on how security must evolve to help the business take advantage of digital disruption. In an environment where any organization can fall prey to cyber threats and where most find they are unprepared to deal with rapidly blurring enterprise boundaries, security organizations need to continue partnering with the business and IT if they are to actively manage the risks.

Accenture also urges that organizations work to empower consumers with regard to digital privacy.


The six themes emerging among digital players are as follows:

  • Digital-Physical Blur—The physical world is coming online as objects, devices and machines acquire more digital intelligence.

  • From Workforce to Crowdsource—Leading companies are starting to think in terms of an expanded workforce—one that is not on the payroll and that can deftly handle almost any task an organization needs done.

  • Data Supply Chain—Data ecosystems are complex and littered with data silos, limiting the value that organizations can get out of their own data by making it difficult to access.

  • Harnessing Hyperscale—After at least a decade out of the spotlight, the hardware world is once again a hotbed of new development as demand soars for bigger, faster, lower-cost data centers.

  • Business of Applications—The way that businesses build software is changing: mimicking the shift in the consumer world, more and more organizations are rapidly moving from enterprise applications to apps.

Architecting Resilience—Downtime in data centers costs 41 percent more than it did just four years ago, underscoring the argument for engineering resilience into IT systems.