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Anytime, anywhere video is crushing networks

Accenture’s Jean-Laurent Poitou explores how today’s high-volume digital networks must meet consumer demands—at speed and scale.

In New York City’s Times Square there are more screens, streaming more video content, for more companies and advertisers, than anywhere in the world. Video content is the most demanding content for network.

Networks are no longer connected wires and switches. Networks are computers with software that do all the work. These networks must cope with the magnitude of video content that customers demand at speed and scale. It’s the software that becomes what makes—or doesn’t make—an enjoyable, seamless, smooth, interactive customer experience.

Jean-Laurent Poitou, global management consulting lead for Accenture Communications, Media & Technology (CMT), explores how the endless network of screens is informing the growth of today’s high-volume digital networks.

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“What we’re here to do is help them cope with, 'Where do you next put your money?,' because you want to put your money where it matters most to your customer.”
Global Management Consulting Lead
Accenture Communications, Media & Technology