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The Love Index

Brand love is a science … and we have the formula.


What makes people LOVE a product or brand?

What sustains that love?

These are the questions Accenture Interactive and Fjord set out to answer when embarking on The Love Index study.

The Love Index 2016 is the first annual report that measures brands—and, in particular, the services and experiences they offer—on a 10-point scale across five FRESH dimensions plotted on a pentagon:

Fun: Holds people’s attention in an entertaining way
Relevant: Makes it easy to find clear and customized information
Engaging: Identifies with people’s needs and adapts to their expectations
Social: Helps people to connect with each other
Helpful: Is efficient, easy and adapts over time

From industry analyses to the discovery of the most-loved brand in the markets we studied, The Love Index 2016 reveals several key findings we think you’ll find interesting.

But it’s just as important to note that every company, in any industry around the world, can use The Love Index research method as a diagnostic tool to measure brand affinity. Through its unique focus on putting love at the center of the customer experience, the Love Index anchors the entire design and innovation process, enabling brands—your brand—to reach new heights in an era of changing consumer expectations.

Scientific methodology

The Love Index, two years in the making, reflects the company’s proprietary way of analyzing brand affinity. Our method meets the strictest of scientific standards.

We started with qualitative ethnographic studies that revealed rich expressions of why people love digital and physical services. Using advanced statistical techniques, we created an algorithm explaining these feelings.

In June and July, we conducted quantitative surveys of more than 26,000 respondents in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil.

Our respondents:

  • Rated more than 70 brands in the auto, banking, hospitality and retail industries based on physical and digital experiences

  • Named their favorite “top of mind” brands on an unaided basis

The result of the study is a reliable, repeatable and science-driven system for measuring brand love, and—even better—designing for love.

The Love Index 2016: Digital domination

The Love Index 2016 reveals that Netflix, Fitbit, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are experience leaders, the most-loved companies setting the pace in the United States for brand experience across industries. Google is another experience leader in the United Kingdom, while Netflix far exceeds other brands in Brazil.

Indeed, people’s interactions with these brands are raising their expectations for the other products and services they use—a technology-driven phenomenon that Fjord and Accenture Interactive call “liquid expectations.”

These and many other findings by industry and country are available in The Love Index.

And, finally, we’ve identified the most loved brand overall across the three markets.

Please visit the SlideShare to find out what people care about most.