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TV & Movies In-Flight + Free = Advantage?

Arrive at the Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta security line. Remove belt, shoes & laptop, full body scan and then the fun starts? That may be the new norm soon.

Imagine what it would be like to fly because flying actually is more convenient and entertaining? In Atlanta, that is happening. Delta Airlines is using convenience and entertainment as a competitive advantage. And their approach to multi-channel as a means to gain customer loyalty provides lessons for providers of communications and entertainment services.

OmniChannel Marketing
Omnichannel—think omniscient or omnipresent—is a strategy to move beyond channel silos. It involves the implementation of relevant and meaningful customer journeys and a whole of business alignment to deliver a truly seamless customer experience. And this is a response to our Consumer is King, who, thanks to digital, knows and has access to, everything, nearly all of the time.

Companies have an opportunity to use the valuable personal preference data that they’ve collected through streamlining booking & ticketing processes and extend the ease of experience into the air. And that’s where Delta Takes Off.

Tim Mapes, Senior VP of Marketing at Delta, hopes this offers a more “personalized experience.” What certainly does is Delta’s omnichannel presence.

Think about this:

  • The consumer who hates to fly but has to, and knows that for a bit extra (“some premium entertainment will still cost extra”), they can catch their regularly scheduled HBO drama;


  • The family with kids can watch TV and play video games for free. Creating a much better experience for all parties.

But to be successful, companies need to use every TV channel and every delivery channel to think about every customer - taking a personal touch to message delivery. As they harness ad power driven by the networks like HBO that deliver their media, multi- and cross-channel marketing opportunities for airlines also increase.

Personalized Presence
What are you eager to watch? In the past, in-flight music services (especially the free ones) have the same allure as elevator music at the dentist’s. It will be interesting to see how consumers respond to what Delta syncs. The success of OmniChannel marketing hinges on more than what consumers want, or think they want: It hinges upon what consumers want right now.

After all, omnichannel delivers at one speed: Right-here, right-now.