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About the book

Teo Correia the Fluid Consumer Next Generation Growth and Branding in the Digital Age
Digital is turning traditional brand loyalty formulas on their heads by fostering liquid expectations among consumers. We see the rise of the digital-savvy, hard-to-please "fluid consumer" –-on whom big-budget campaigns have less impact than they did in the past.

The Fluid Consumer seeks to answer the following questions:

  • How to engage with the new and emerging “Fluid Consumers?”

  • How can traditional CPG brands be visible, engaging and innovative in the digital space?


Who are the Fluid Consumers?

  • They buy more online than ever before.

  • They connect with their network and other brands and services through digital channels and platforms.

  • They experience innovation in services leading to new levels of expectation.

  • They share content and experiences with their network.

Learn how to engage with Fluid Consumers and make sense of a competitive landscape that is erupting with new business models and disruptive innovations.

  • Understand the difference between experience and utility brands.

  • Leveraging digital technologies, map out actions and activities that will result in a stronger brand.

  • Choose the type of digital brand platform you need to build or join and decide how best to use it.

Brands as platforms 

A new model for digital branding and a new framework to help CPG companies position themselves for growth.  

To be a successful brand, consumer goods companies need to look to other service providers or platforms to build a community around the consumer, connecting them with each other and the products and services they want when they want them. 

Digital technologies give brands the ability to generate value for themselves and for consumers, building loyalty and encouraging consumers to engage in repeat purchases.

The result? A compelling, multifaceted experience for users. 


About the author 

Teo Correia

Teo Correia is a senior managing director at Accenture Consulting, Consumer Goods Global Practice. In his role, Teo advises clients in digital strategy and transformation, and helps them to execute growth plans and create digital business capabilities. Teo has more than 28 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, where his expertise is sales & marketing and branding. He has helped clients transform their businesses, leveraging technology and best practices in process improvement.

Recently, Teo created ConsumerTech with the intent to recognize leading-edge technology startups and entrepreneurs. One of the key pillars of ConsumerTech is Millennial 2020, which he co-initiated with the M2020 group. M2020 is a global event that is held in key business locations around the globe, including Singapore, London, and New York. It brings together more than 3,000 participants from established companies, startups, and investment firms to explore, discuss, and debate all aspects of digital and next-generation commerce.