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The impacts of pervasiveness, personalization and privacy will be key challenges in the era of Retail Everywhere.

Converging industries and complex customer expectations call for retailers to build on each era from Scientific Retail, Customer Centric Retail and now Seamless Retail.

And as customer needs and expectations continue to evolve, retailers must establish nimble, flexible, agile organizations. They must become Adaptive.

Being Adaptive

Operating as an Adaptive Retailer isn’t easy…

Many retailers are challenged when it comes to being flexible, nimble and agile.

Our research – including industry trends and client-based feedback – identifies that pervasiveness, personalization and privacy are among the top c-suite challenges that exist for retailers in the era of Retail Everywhere.

A seamless experience allows a customer to move across different channels with a consistent experience. But in a digitized world, retailers will need to constantly learn more about their customers’ needs, intents and preferences so they can flex and adapt to make themselves more relevant, engaging and useful. Retail is everywhere, and no longer about a location or a channel.

Each customer has unique needs and expectations that change based on where they are, what they are doing…they have increasingly liquid demands and expectations in a world where almost everything is digitized. They expect retailers to connect with them in a way that is relevant and tailored to wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

This is much more than data security. It is balancing the creepy vs. cool factor when interacting with customers. It is striking the right balance in the customer relationship to create trust, engagement, affinity, desire and delight…. different customers draw the line in different ways. Retailers must be able to adapt their approach to address the privacy needs of each individual customer.

Meeting Customer Needs

There are many ways to address these challenges, ultimately enabling retailers to be flexible, anticipate changing customer expectations and needs, deliver at speed and scale and create 1:1 relationships with their customers.

Digital Store
Optimize the store experience by connecting employees, mobile POS & mobile payment

Seamless Retail Omni-channel Cloud
Be agile and prepare to integrate omni-channel capabilities at speed, and at scale

Have flexibility in addressing customer needs and expectations

Establish a flexible infrastructure to quickly capitalize on disruptive technologies