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Accenture Labs – Cybersecurity R&D

We’re collaborating with Israel’s brightest security minds on tomorrow’s defense solutions.


Accenture Labs in Israel pioneers unique cybersecurity projects in:

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Active Defense

Industrial Internet of Things Security

Accenture Open Innovation

The Lab will also deliver fresh insights by bringing Accenture Open Innovation’s collaborative approach to forge new relationships between venture capitalists, start-ups and universities in Israel.

“Our new Cyber Lab will take advantage of our global footprint and ecosystem partners to give clients unparalleled access to emerging intelligence-driven threat solutions and post-attack procedures so they can take the right actions faster”

Lisa O’Connor

Managing Director, Accenture Labs – Security R&D.


Applied Cybersecurity R&D

Accenture Labs in Israel features a unique, immersive cybersecurity environment for clients

The Lab has a new cybersecurity research agenda to explore disruptive security technologies that will advance the fields of mission-focused security, active defense and Industrial Control Systems.

The Lab in Israel is the newest addition to Accenture Labs, the dedicated R&D organization for Accenture:


Cyber Week 2016

We are proud to sponsor Cyber Week 2016 at Tel Aviv University, Israel, June 19-26

Photos from Cyber Week

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