When Culture meets Consultancy

Accenture Indonesia's office in Jakarta incorporates the meaning of the Pandawa brothers' philosophy into its corporate culture.

Indonesia is a country with diverse cultures where folklore has become a part of Indonesia's daily philosophy of life. One of the folklores is a story about five Pandawa brothers (Pandawa Lima) from the Mahabarata epic who lived to fight for progress, social wealth, justice and truth. The meaning behind the philosophy is still widely implemented today and reflects the firm's corporate culture. Our office in Jakarta incorporates the Pandawa brothers' names and location into its function rooms to reflect on that philosophy.

Gunungan depicts the ecosystem we live in. Part of the ecosystem is a place known as Candradimuka, a crater where serious learning happens.

Our firm is also an organization of learning—a place for people wanting to enhance their knowledge.

Arjuna is known to be a smart and continuous learner. His rigorous learning awarded him the most powerful, magical weapon to bring out victory. Likewise, to the people at our firm, learning is timeless, giving us a competitive edge to deliver the best for our clients.

Nakula and Sadewa are twin brothers with different characteristics, but strong when together. They are symbols of harmony and synergy. The diversity in our people also builds a stronger synergized organization.

Bima is a symbol of assertiveness—thinking straight, talking straight. He is also blessed with strength beyond compare. Accenture carries its modern strength of knowledge and speaks out its mind to create innovations.