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Starting a career is different for each of us: you might want to drive success for clients, perhaps you're a problem solver at heart, or inspired by an entrepreneurial freedom to challenge convention. Behind each of our Accenture people is a unique story of pursuit to be greater than.

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“I have a lifelong passion to infuse technology into daily human activity. When I first read about Accenture’s clients and products, I was amazed by their various initiatives to introduce technology into modern day business activities.”

Technology Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Super team player

What are you most proud of working at Accenture?

The most awesome thing about Accenture is its reputation as a leader in consulting. For me, it is a great chance to become part of a “family” that is scattered all over the world. I have experienced receiving a call from Singapore in the morning, and from Europe in the afternoon!

I’m also proud of its commitment to inclusion and diversity. Accenture does not look at where you were born or what your skin color is. The only thing that defines you is your capability.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

In my current project, the team is very diverse. We come from various areas of Indonesia, with differences in ethnicity and religion. Despite that, everyone respects each other's beliefs.

In terms of working style, the team is very flexible and open to ideas. Any one of us can contribute ideas freely without fear of being swept under the rug. We're also very supportive of one another. Whenever someone makes a mistake, we'll jump in to help resolve the issue.

How does Accenture allow you to “be yourself”?

Accenture lets its people create their own journeys. As an analyst, I was given many opportunities to try different technologies and solutions. I have been assigned on various assignments—from engaging clients and extracting analytics data, to designing user experience and having hands-on experience in professional software development.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

As a technology enthusiast, my passion revolves around high-tech solutions. Accenture is at the forefront of this industry. With our network, I can listen to industry reactions to various technology trends.


“I am incredibly proud to be part of an inclusive and supportive organization that helps me grow both professionally and personally.”

Management Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Adventure Seeker And Food Enthusiast

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

Initially, I thought my work would be limited to finance and operations management only. However, Accenture has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop new skills and capabilities I never thought I could do. The addition of new skills, combined with the ability to adapt quickly, will serve me well as I progress further in my career.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

Working in a dynamic and challenging environment, I am continuously pushed to think outside the box. We are always encouraged to speak up and actively contribute in discussions, making me feel that I am always heard and valued.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

My team is diverse, with members coming from Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. This makes for a unique blend of perspectives. While our working styles and cultures may differ, we share the same values and goals—to deliver high performance.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

Having studied in various cities, I have always enjoyed meeting new people. Working at Accenture allowed me to continuously get to know people from around the world. Exchanging thoughts and life experiences helped me view the world differently and broadened my horizon.


“I am proud of Accenture’s culture and environment, which motivates people to learn and be independent.”

Business & Integration Architecture Analyst
Accenture Technology

Electrical engineer and gamer—works hard, plays harder

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

Nowadays, technology takes an important role in every sector and industry. Every company is striving to transform its business using the latest technologies to stay relevant. I believe that working at Accenture will expose me to the best people and cutting-edge innovations, accelerating my career in technology.

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

Before joining Accenture, I thought that people here were very professional and serious. I also thought employees didn’t have lives outside their jobs.

After my first few months, I’m glad that I was proven wrong. It turns out that people here are very interesting. I admire the fact that they’re not just living for their jobs. Some people I know are musicians, gamers, sport hobbyists, automotive enthusiasts—all enjoying their passions while being top performers for Accenture.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

I’m driven to innovate and learn something new every day because of my teammates’ encouragement. Recently, I was assigned to create a new dispatching system for a transportation company. It was an entirely new territory for me, but I felt secure knowing that my team was there to support me.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture provides its people the opportunity to express their ideas. Inside, everyone is expected to contribute to the project regardless of their career level. Outside of work, Accenture facilitates events and gatherings to celebrate wins, big or small. We are encouraged to “be ourselves” in anything and everything that we do.


“Accenture believes that a company is not only about achieving results—it should also ensure that its people achieve work-life harmony and increase their sense of belonging. This is what inspires me to make a difference. Everyone at any level can innovate and create a positive impact.”

Management Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Sweet tooth, beauty enthusiast, travel junkie

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

Accenture is a leading global consulting company. Working here gives me far-reaching exposure, whether working for a client overseas or collaborating with other Accenture people from around the world. The opportunity to learn and grow here is immense!

What was your impression of Accenture, and how did this change over time?

Before joining Accenture, I expected to work on challenging projects and spend most of my time buried in them. After joining, I found that Accenture offers more than just a career as I saw myself growing as a person. Accenture has many communities and events where I can develop my soft skills or channel my hobbies.

What are some noteworthy contributions you did for Accenture?

I’m proud to say that I’m able to make an impact in the lives of others through the work that I do. A notable contribution that I have made was when I helped implement a more efficient procedure to shorten the loan application time for our financial services client. I believe that what we did was not only a big accomplishment for our client, but was also beneficial to its customers.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture embraces diversity and never dictates what type of person we should be. As long as we deliver excellent performance, Accenture will always value and appreciate our presence in the company.


“At Accenture, there is always a new challenge that keeps me motivated to learn and improve myself. These challenges drive me to become a problem solver—someone who always thinks and creates solutions to build something that will make people’s lives easier.”

Application Development Analyst
Accenture Technology

Happy omnivore and chatbot geek

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

I joined Accenture because it is one of the leading consulting companies worldwide. I believe that consulting is one of the fields where I can gain much knowledge from various industries and meet many people at different roles. With Accenture, I'll have opportunity to be involved in projects that directly impact society.

What was your impression of Accenture, and how did this change over time?

Initially, I thought everything in Accenture was formal and strict—the people, processes and culture. Eventually, I saw a more relaxed environment. In every project I was involved in, people were kind and warm to each other and I appreciate that.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

I'm proud to have the opportunity to build something that widely impacts society. I'm also happy that I work with many great people, with deep industry skills and various backgrounds.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture respects diversity. I can work without someone judging me based on my background. I have the opportunity to speak up. I can stand out and be promoted because of my skills, not my tenure. Those things allow me to be myself in the workplace.

What makes an Accenture career different?

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