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‘Bringing about business transformation is a test of one’s determination to rise to challenges.’
Chandan loves adventure activities like trekking up hills and mountains, challenging himself as he takes on trails around Kuala Lumpur and even Harishchandragad, the third highest peak in Maharashtra, India. This passion has nurtured in him a strong will to stay the course and get to his goal, regardless of the obstacles along the way.
At Accenture, this trait often comes in handy in his work in transforming the operations of large organizations. Using his expertise in SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics, Chandan specializes in delivering solutions that empower clients to make smarter, quicker day-to-day decisions that are data-driven. These projects can span months and they certainly can get complex. Like the time he and his team collaborated with every division and key department of a leading power company in Malaysia to create a hassle-free centralized platform for evaluating and monitoring the performance of vendors. On top of the extensiveness of the scope, there were also many technical challenges to overcome.
To Chandan, however, situations like these are not unlike all his journeys from basecamps to summits—arduous at times, but never impossible to complete. Most importantly, he knows the satisfaction at the end is always worth the effort.
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‘You’re never done learning everything there is to know about building IT systems, just like there’s always new things to learn in baking.’
Cloe Tang
Specialist, Business and Integration Architecture
+ Meet Cloe
Cloe makes baking look easy. But even with her experience, she knows there are always going to be better and smarter ways to get those perfect bakes. And that’s what she finds most satisfying about this yummy hobby—the learning never ends.
She brings this same appetite for knowledge to her work as an Infrastructure Architect. There are always new capabilities of leading-edge technologies to pick up as they emerge, which will help her build robust IT systems capable of supporting clients’ quests for digital transformation. Right now, she’s working on becoming a subject matter expert in robotic process automation—a technology that empowers organizations to automate tedious manual processes and free up employees for higher-value tasks.
For someone who has been craving for opportunities to make an impact in the field of information technology since her university days, Accenture is exactly where she feels she should be. “This is an organization that invests a great deal of time and effort in growing its people. It’s where I can constantly take my expertise to the next level.”
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‘It’s not a stretch to say that a clear mind is the first step to successful business transformation.’
Yvonne Liang
Senior Analyst, Business and Integration Architecture
+ Meet Yvonne
Yvonne practices yoga twice a week. To her, it’s more than just a good physical workout that stretches her endurance and flexibility. It’s also a mindfulness practice that trains her brain to quiet down and focus on the moment—an invaluable skill for this technology consultant.
At work, the ability to tune out the noise in her head on demand goes a long way in helping Yvonne bring about business transformation for her clients. “It’s important to be able to absorb and make sense of complex information around clients’ business processes, pain points, and expectations, before I even start thinking about the solutions.”
Without exception, this is Yvonne’s first step to any project. It makes no difference whether she’s creating an Agile roadmap for an insurance company to enhance its market response capability, or putting together a white paper on leveraging blockchain technology across financial institutions in Singapore. In her mind, it’s always been clear: to get to a successful outcome, she must first get the challenge right.
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‘Focusing on both the big picture and the details gets me the best shot at delivering a successful project.’
Juliana Mohd Hashir
Associate Director,
Business And Integration Architecture
+ Meet Juliana
Juliana’s love for people and street photography has led her to many exotic locales, including Xinjiang in China, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and parts of the Middle East. With every expedition, she always sets out with a big picture in mind—a sense of what the places and locals are like—so that she’s ready to spot and capture the details of fleeting moments of everyday lives.
Her practice of having a firm grasp of every situation—from the overview to the finer points—is critical to her role at Accenture too, where she leads teams in designing and deploying complex industry processes and SAP solutions. These leverage leading-edge technologies to help clients manage business processes, such as supply chain and finance, with greater efficiency. To be successful, she needs to stay on top of multiple constantly moving parts—whether it’s the ever-evolving technological landscape or highly fluid business environments.
To Juliana, this is where her personal and professional selves meet. The same traits that help her achieve those desired snapshots in the far-flung corners of the world are also empowering her to advance IT and finance transformation for organizations across the globe.
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‘Business transformation is about helping an enterprise use every move to its advantage.’
Marc Dunach
Senior Manager, Technology Delivery Lead
+ Meet Marc
Marc has his way of unwinding after a long day in the office—an hour or two of artfully throwing, dodging, and weaving between Muay Thai and boxing punches and kicks. For this recreational boxer, there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to counter every challenge with a swift and sharp move.
At Accenture, Marc brings the same focus on reaction time and reflexes to his work as the sourcing and procurement lead for SAP ASEAN. Calling upon his expertise in the design, build, and implementation of complex SAP and business transformation programs, he helps large enterprises in diverse industries streamline their logistics processes and leverage leading-edge technologies to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
To Marc, it’s all about empowering businesses to advance quicker in a digital era where speed is of the essence. Ultimately, this translates into the ability to deliver better products, services, and experiences into the market—within a much shorter time and at a lower cost. And from what Marc can see, that can only be a solid advantage in this increasingly competitive business arena.
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‘Creating a cloud-first strategy is the art of bringing vastly different elements together.’
Ng Chin Yee
Cloud-First Application Manager
Chin Yee has been painting since she was six. What she loves most about it is the art of turning different strokes and colours into an expression of her thoughts and emotions. She has always found it immensely satisfying to see how everything comes together on what was once a blank piece of canvas.
Her work at Accenture offers a similar satisfaction—on a much larger scale. Chin Yee specializes in helping clients customize a cloud-first strategy that considers their various business, technical, and organizational challenges. Like painting, this is an exercise in working with multiple elements to bring a vision to life. And it too requires patience and a certain flair, which need to be honed over time.
For Chin Yee, Accenture is an organization that offers individuals a challenging and dynamic environment to grow and evolve throughout their careers. “Over here, you’ll find people who’re happy to guide you along and there are lots of avenues to brush up your knowledge.”
Now years into this job, Chin Yee is becoming more certain every day that this is where she’s always going to find the inspiration for her next masterpiece in digital transformation.
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‘Technological expertise aside, perseverance is the key to acing the ever-evolving game of digital transformation.’
Cliantha Ooi
+ Meet Cliantha
Cliantha is a force to be reckoned with on the badminton court. It’s not just about her exceptional skills honed from playing the sport since she was 10. Her real advantage over opponents is the ability to persevere when the match is not going her way, or when it is a long-drawn-out one.
This is a trait that Cliantha brings to her work at Accenture, where she’s helping organizations leverage leading-edge technology to transform the capabilities of human resource management. It’s an exciting process that can also be particularly challenging at times for this human resource graduate who did not come into the job with a technological background. But her readiness to keep pushing on and picking up new skills has helped her get past those initial struggles to become adept at customizing cloud-based solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.
To Cliantha, her never-give-up streak is exactly what she needs to help organizations stay on top of the constantly changing game of business and technology.
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