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Global communications company builds foundation for stronger recruiting

Workday Human Capital Management empowers employees through mobile, self-service tool.


Following a recent acquisition, a Global Communications Company had doubled in size and required a consolidated, centralized HCM system to enhance HR processes and reporting, and to work towards improved performance management. Accenture helped strategize, design, build, implement and deploy Workday HCM, providing project management, management consulting, data migration, communications adoption and short-term application support post-deployment.

By delivering more efficient HR processes and reporting, the new HR system has already empowered employees by providing access to reliable, accurate HR data through mobile devices, as well as self-service access to potential benefits and HR tools.

As a result of the new self-service and HR tools, employee satisfaction has increased by more than 35 percent, and the adoption of dashboards and automation for reporting has helped manager satisfaction increase by more than 25 percent. Together, these potential benefits have helped build a foundation for stronger recruiting and potential future growth.


A recent acquisition doubled the company’s size and workforce, and expanded its global footprint. More acquisitions are expected and the company had to establish a global HR infrastructure and HR programs to support its growth plans. Therefore the company sought a consolidated, centralized HCM system that would work toward:

  • Improving efficiency of HR, payroll and time-tracking systems and processes.

  • Enhancing HR metric tracking, reporting and analysis.

  • Driving improved performance management through enhanced HR processes.

The company chose Workday HCM based upon its ability to reduce infrastructure costs and help support the company’s growing cloud investments as well as its robust reporting capabilities, agility and out-of-the-box capabilities based upon leading practices.


The company chose Accenture to help strategize, design, build, implement and deploy the Workday HCM solution, based on a strong, five-year working business relationship as well as Accenture’s field-tested knowledge in designing and delivering large, complex Workday implementations.

Accenture delivered the business case and strategy for user adoption, change management and communications adoption, in addition to providing project management support, management consulting advice, data migration and short-term application support post-deployment.

Specifically, Accenture:

  • Conducted a current state assessment of company’s HR capabilities and defined an implementation roadmap for HR Transformation.

  • Defined a new HR Operating model, highlighting key focus areas and potential business impact.

  • Teamed with the company’s HR and IT departments to deploy Workday core capabilities to the global HR team.

  • Converted data for approximately 3500 employees in 39 countries and deployed Workday Core HCM, Base Compensation and Single Sign On over a five-month period,

  • Provided change management performance support to HR to leverage the new HCM capabilities, and defined a strategy and methodology for future initiatives.

  • Developed the Accenture Rapid Configuration Suite Workday, a data conversion tool to transform data from Data Gathering Workbook to its corresponding Workday iLoad Templates. The tool facilitates significant time savings by helping to automate template generation, by creating configuration workbooks and by managing downloading and uploading of configuration files.

  • Provided short-term application support post-deployment (for approximately five months).


Accenture helped deploy Workday to all the company’s 3500 employees and then deployed the Talent Profile portion of the solution in a subsequent release. The new global HR solution unified multiple fragmented geography-specific HR databases into one seamless system that allows for a better, more efficient way to organize, staff, pay and develop the company’s global workforce. The new system helped the company:

  • Manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle more efficiently and effectively.

  • Design, manage and adjust compensation programs to seek to address complex global rewards requirements.

  • Run the organization’s global time-off and absence policies more efficiently through automation, visibility and intuitive self-service.

The system’s enhanced and more efficient HR processes and reporting capabilities have empowered employees. Executives have reliable, accurate HR data at their fingertips through mobile devices, and employees have self-service access to benefits and HR tools. All of this builds a foundation for stronger recruiting and performance, and that in turn works towards future growth.

"The new self-service and HR tools caused employee satisfaction to rise over 35 percent, and the adoption of dashboards and automation for reporting helped manager satisfaction increase by more than 25 percent."