Accenture Cyber Fusion Center, Naples

A cutting-edge center to offer our clients the best in cybersecurity.


Accenture’s new center in Naples provides next-generation cybersecurity services in an immersive space where we co-create in close contact with our clients in order to develop new approaches, techniques and solutions to prevent and manage digital threats. Our intelligence services enable us to simulate potential attacks, analyze vulnerabilities, and define and implement countermeasures quickly in order to always be one step ahead of hackers.

Our global team of experts in a range of disciplines ensures the security of our clients, helping to prevent and avoid even the most advanced, most sophisticated cyberattacks in order to protect their digital businesses.

Lead with innovation

Disruptive innovation always at the ready

The new Cyber Fusion Center gives access to end-to-end security services, from threat intelligence and digital identity to incident detection and response and digital forensics in order to respond quickly to digital threats.

Threat intelligence

iDefense provides world class threat intelligence services so that clients know the threats that can impact their operations and can act to protect themselves.

Managed digital identity

A full life cycle of IAM services for the enterprise, covering processes and technologies to securely manage identities and entitlements.

Managed threat operations

Focused on Cybersecurity incidents and detection, leveraging existing client platform or enabling cloud capabilities at scale.

Managed cloud security

Provides a comprehensive set of solutions to security data in cloud, with H24 monitoring and management.

Digital forensics and incident response

FusionX’s team provides the highest level of digital forensics and incident response capabilities in order to respond to client breaches, from triaging the incident through to complete remediation.

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Research and development

In our Cyber Fusion Center, you will experience innovation in cybersecurity first hand. We go beyond helping you to investigate risks, manage incidents and resolve the inevitable when it occurs to also give you a research and development hub for response management and incident security automation; machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to the detection and classification of security activities and incidents; tools and methodologies for the analysis and reverse engineering of advanced malware; and the research and extraction of threat intelligence data for the detection of new threats.

Naples cyber fusion center

A global network

Our Naples Cyber Fusion Center is part of a network of centers around the world in which we combine managed security services, intelligent automation technologies and integrated cyber defense services in order to help organizations innovate as they combat cybercrime each and every day. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with direct access to the world’s most advanced services, while also being a local point of reference in the protection of their digital businesses.

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United States

Houston (ICS)

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Meet our lead

Our Naples Cyber Fusion Center is part of the next generation of Accenture centers designed to help customers to protect their businesses and the ecosystems in which they operate, thereby creating that level of digital trust that is essential to the growth of any organization.

Paolo Dal Cin

Lead – Europe and Latin America, Accenture Security

What we think

The report identifies five factors that are influencing the cyberthreat landscape and suggests best practices for a more flexible and secure future.

Helping clients be secure by design can accelerate resilience on any cloud-first journey. We show how secure cloud enables better business outcomes.

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Innovate security solutions by working with the sector’s brightest, using the coolest tech to out-hack the hackers and help clients build resilience from within.


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