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Drive disruption and massive growth worldwide with our field-proven solutions.

Helping platform leaders accelerate and scale

Accenture brings the full breadth of our experience with platform growth: from adoption, global expansion and market positioning across engineering, sales and marketing. We help our clients advance along four key paths:

  1. transforming businesses to platform-based models and technology,
  2. implementing innovations that propel established platforms to the next level of growth,
  3. helping platform leaders accelerate and scale into new markets with strategic products and services, and
  4. partnering with our clients to create new platform businesses.

Wherever you are on your growth journey, Accenture can help propel your business forward, faster.

Fast-track market and global expansion

  • Scale business globally, replicating local success across other markets with continuous focus on innovation.
  • Stay relevant, deliver delightful user experiences and drive revenue.
  • Gain control of complex platform operations, industrialize your workforce, workflow and forecasting processes.
  • Deliver essential platform features like user safety and trust, content management and engineering integrity.

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Accenture’s "Disruptability Index" helps pinpoint current (and future) susceptibility to disruption.

Engage developers

Expand your developer ecosystem and increase platform adoption. Whether you’re running a new or established developer network, Accenture can help activate your developer community.

Create the vision

We analyze the needs of a developer program by gathering developer input, market research and competitive benchmarking.


We can operate your ecosystem with you, optimize and track developer engagement.


We can help you refine your developer program so that it drives sustainable future value.


For developer ecosystems that are up and running effectively, we work alongside you to onboard and engage developers on an ongoing basis.

Explore our Developer Ecosystem capabilities

Discover the experience and assets to power your Developer Ecosystem.

Propel platforms to the next level of growth

Identify high-value leads, and improve contact and conversion rates with Accenture’s analytics-based tools, including:

Sales tools to convert direct sales to programmatic outreach for maximum efficiency.

Automated advertiser and user response routing to decrease resolution time.

Advanced consumer and advertiser targeting to better qualify leads.

Integration with workflow/workforce systems for seamless operations management and accountability.

Analytics tools to support ad impact, reach, real cost and reporting.

Content best-practice review for optimal user experience.

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Build user trust in your platform

Execute effective programs to block malware, assure privacy and data safety, flag and avert bad actors to cultivate trust in your brand and your platform. Here’s how we can help:

User trust

Change the trust and security equation into a positive network effect that leads to an engaged user base.

Fraud, security and privacy

Services include strategy and risk, cyber defense, digital identity, application and managed security.


Execute on global regulatory obligations worldwide with our readiness assessment and scaled response services.

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Engage through new integrated marketing journeys

We help companies create personalized marketing experiences that delight customers across their buying journey.

Our deep integrated marketing and strategy knowledge enables tailored strategies that drive business results.

Always-on omni-channel marketing campaigns amplify demand, leads and revenue generation.

We dynamically curate personalized marketing experiences that cater to the individual customer.

Through the intelligent use of social channels and collaboration tools, we drive better customer relationships and help improve business performance.

We apply evidence-based design and continuous experimentation to develop amazing, optimized user experiences.

Programmatic services help marketers take control of their media capabilities and build an advertising ecosystem they can trust.

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