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Digital Experience

Helping airlines drive the innovation journey


The challenges on the travel market are broad and deep. Customers expect the same level of digital service that they receive in other industries, and thus transform the way they interact with travel brands.

In the digital era, airlines that invest in the right experience will reinforce their brand identity, create meaningful long-term relationships and transform passengers into loyal customers.

Accenture Amadeus Alliance is the natural combination of two market leaders in airline solutions and digital thought leadership—mapping out the evolution of the industry, jointly serving as reference points to coach airlines through transformations, helping them lead the way in innovation, and address the changing needs and demands of today's savvy digital travelers.




One stop shop service

Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience is a set of stand-alone and integrated solutions that enable airlines to expand current processes and systems and address the digital paradigm. The many services in the Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience have been shaped to keep day-to-day operations running while building a bridge to new solutions that drive the innovation journey.

Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience reflects the complete value chain and helps airline define their digital vision, implement their strategic roadmap and drill down into every step along their digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation

Accenture Amadeus Digital Experience services combine and apply the Alliance's capabilities to steer airlines through the entire digital transformation journey, mapping out the evolution of the industry and helping lead the way in innovation.

Digital Transformation
Web Analytics

The combined assets of our Alliance can drive specific actions on web analytics allowing optimisation of channel performance and thus enable airlines to drive tangible business value. By leveraging a state-of-the-art suite of tracking tools, we place available data in context, semantically connect it and create web analytics that let airlines manage their web data more intelligently. All this regarding the airlines complexity given by voluminous and diverse data that come from multiple sources and need to be connected and managed intelligently.

Web Analytics
Traffic Optimization

Airlines are facing challenges driven by a competitive landscape on traffic acquisition and they are struggling to find out what is the best acquisition strategy. Our joint set of services is focused on acquisition performance as well as engagement and retention optimization in order to become the partner that helps airlines implement and power their digital transformation. Applying proven techniques and methodologies to improve traffic acquisition, using SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing and Social Media Optimization we help our clients to enhance an airline's content strategy, inspire and attract customers.

Traffic Optimization
Customer/User Experience

Both customer and traveler experiences are critical to ensuring conversion and revenue.

  • As a customer, finding personalized offers and having a positive navigating experience within the website.

  • As a traveller, experience from inspiration and search, through booking to pre-trip, during and post-flight touchpoints.

A single little pain point in the experience can jeopardize conversion.

The Alliance has more than 60 UX multi-skilled experts in-house in B2B and B2C interfaces and has access to 100+ Amadeus airline customers.

Customer/User Experience


Miguel has experience working with large hospitality companies and major airlines. His expertise is in defining and implementing large digital transformation plans, especially in the Marketing and Customer Service. Miguel leads our new Digital Travel Innovation Hub in Madrid, and is an active part of our alliance with Amadeus. He is currently supporting the growth of our Digital Travel practice in Europe, LATAM, and Middle East.

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Miguel is Transformation Manager at Accenture Interactive. He is focused on developing digital marketing capabilities for companies and guiding them towards completing their Digital Transformation journey. He has more than ten years of experience in brand and strategic marketing.

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Nicola is the lead of the Digital Services team at Amadeus, a practice that helps airlines and travel players worldwide to succeed in their business, leveraging digital around strategy, data and user experience. With over 20 years of professional career, Nicola has gained an extensive, wide broad experience in both strategy & business development, marketing, digital, commercial and global sales areas.

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Tony is a digital professional native, with multiple experiences in airline industries with more than 13 years spent in Digital. Currently he leads the Alliance Digital Experience on Amadeus side, a unique and super specialized agency for the airline industry that offers digital services thanks to a high skilled team of experts.

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