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Accenture pension transformation services: Summary

Renewing the promise of pensions


Pension organizations around the world must respond to unique social and economic trends and behaviors. Despite these differences, pension organizations share a common thread—the need to respond to the global pension crisis.

An aging population, longer life expectancies and changing employee demographics is wreaking havoc on these organizations’ ability to meet pension obligations. This shortfall is complicated by the economic realities of the post-recession global economy. It is clear that the delicate balance between contributions and payment distributions has reached critical mass. Even the underlying philosophies of many pension arrangements are being questioned.

Why Accenture

Accenture combines policy and business insights with proven experience and innovative technology solutions to help pension organizations plan, develop and modernize pension systems. Accenture supports agencies to realize more flexibility and generate new efficiencies and sustainability while complying with reform mandates and meeting service expectations. Accenture helps pensions organizations accelerate change by drawing on proven best practices that are helping deliver sustainable, affordable, flexible pensions to citizens now and into the future.

Specific Services

In light of the rising pressure on pension organizations’ ability to meet pensions obligations, reform is a key issue for pension organizations, private and public sector employers and employees themselves. Moving past these challenges will require new strategies and new ways of working and efforts to modernize existing systems and improve efficiencies and flexibility. Pension organizations must address tough questions:

  • Transformation. How can pension organizations accelerate rapid change to meet the demands of pension reform?

  • Technology. What steps do organizations need to take to understand the limitations of legacy infrastructure and create a realistic blueprint for technology transformation?

  • Service. What tangible solutions can organizations implement to optimize processes and increase client contact effectiveness and service delivery without driving up costs?

Accenture works with human services clients to answer questions like these—helping them empower services and improve lives.