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Four keys to digital trust

Read the four keys to digital trust highlighting how communications, media and technology companies recognize the dual importance of building digital trust and consumer data control


Digital trust is the currency of today and will be central to defining the high performers of tomorrow. A breach of trust can quickly result in harmful business consequences, such as consumer alienation, brand erosion and churn. It is critical for all companies in these industries to act now or be left behind. Accenture defines digital trust as the confidence placed in an organization to collect, store and use the digital information of others in a manner that benefits and protects those to whom the information pertains.

All stakeholders now have a much broader responsibility to uphold privacy, improve security, deliver benefit in exchange for the use of personal data, and remain accountable for the use of data. These keys to establishing digital trust can be challenging but the stakes are high…. Are you ready to help secure your company’s future growth by becoming a digital trust leader?