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The Future of HR: Shattering the boundaries of HR

Going beyond traditional boundaries to push talent management everywhere in the organization.


Attracting, developing and retaining talent isn’t just HR’s job anymore. It’s everyone’s.

Just as companies strive to deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels, so must they deliver a seamless employee experience across all interactions and touchpoints. Why? Because top talent demands it.

But that means shattering the boundaries of HR so that talent management responsibilities are embedded across the organization.


As they see the future of work evolve, forward-looking HR executives today are:

  1. Making talent management everyone’s responsibility.

  2. Drawing new ideas from other areas of the company to drive innovation.

  3. Working across the organization to deliver a seamless employee experience.

HR professionals are now partnering with some surprising parts of the business such as strategy, marketing, finance and IT. And they are helping to develop new talent management skills not only in HR, but in the business.

In fact, the future of HR is about creating world-class HR competencies everywhere an employee experiences a company, its customers and its services.


Shattering HR’s boundaries to embed talent management capabilities throughout the organization is a start. Then it needs to be sustained. Here’s how:

  • Increase dialogue and partnerships with other parts of the business—strategy, marketing, finance, IT and more.

  • Integrate HR services with other functional shared services to help deliver a seamless experience.

  • Create a more agile HR operating model fit for your organization’s strategy, workforce and culture.

  • Develop more fluid skills within HR to improve agility and responsiveness.

  • Establish metrics and accountability for the talent management performance of line professionals.

Where we see organizations successfully pursuing these activities, the results are often stronger employee engagement and loyalty, improved resource forecasting and planning, reduced cycle times, a consistently business-relevant HR capability, and value driven to the bottom line of the organization.

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