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Retiring Workers, Accelerating Challenges: Using Government Innovation to Tackle Talent

Read how the New York government prepares as longtime employees exit.

Talent Management may be the answer to understanding how to transition from the mindset of those seeking a lifetime career to those seeking lifetime careers- plural. New York government agencies need to analyze and then adapt practices based on changing workforce conditions and demands.

To start, focus on these key areas:

  1. Balance retirement, succession planning and recruitment initiatives. Diversify the candidate pool in two ways—expanding outreach to Millennials and re-engaging with experienced workers.

  2. Conduct strategic hiring with targeted benefits packages. Hiring fills a position; strategic hiring requires government to assess talent vulnerabilities, outline required skillsets and capabilities and address unique human capital needs

  1. Streamline job classification for onboarding and placement. When written with jargon, acronyms and too much reliance on job titles, job descriptions can be hard to decipher at best.

  2. Train all employees to remain competitive. All employees need up-to-date training to stay market relevant and to keep government involved in new technologies

Shaping the New York government workforce for the 21st century requires fresh thinking and talent management strategies to improve performance at every stage of the employment lifecycle.

The March 2015 issue of City & State New York Magazine features an article by Johnny Cavaliero, Managing Director with Accenture, discussing the City’s challenges around recruiting and retaining talent.