Professionalizing change in financial services

The unprecedented scale of change demands that banks and insurers develop a professional change capability and greater organization-wide agility.

Historically, financial services organizations have not regarded their change capabilities as a core competence. Faced with unprecedented changes in digital, market presence, operating models, the customer experience and product innovation, as well as ongoing regulatory change, this is no longer adequate.

Change is now essential for the survival and growth of every single financial services enterprise. This involves developing organization-wide agility and leveraging professional change capabilities, both developed internally and sourced externally from key partners. This report explores how banks and insurers can professionalize and industrialize change to improve their ability to adapt rapidly in a world of ongoing technology, customer and regulatory change.

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We see an increasing proportion of change being "new" by—2020, 25 percent of the world economy will be "pure" digital. We are seeing an exponential impact of technology on financial services—this is the "second half of the chessboard."