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Lifelong student engagement for higher education performance—Podcast

Hear about how higher education institutions are using digital and data to connect the classroom, campus and community.

You might think the answers to modern-day student engagement can be found in textbooks. In reality, they are found in your data.

Data--and digital higher education technology--provide a cost-effective means to build seamless, lifelong connections with potential, current and former students. The students themselves are already embracing the digital concept. In fact, 9 in 10 enrolled students have used the Internet to research higher education institutions. They’re taking classes online. And they’re using social networks to connect with other alumni.

Digital tools and technologies will enhance higher education performance by attracting more prospects, creating a positive experience to better retain students, and building lifelong connections with those students as they become alumni and donors.

In this podcast, David Metnick, Managing Director of Accenture Education in North America talks about the multiple ways to use digital to graduate to the next level in student engagement.

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[Running time 03:41]


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