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IBC Program Overview

The 2016 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), happening September 9-13 in Amsterdam, is just around the corner. With 55,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries, IBC remains the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.

Accenture’s exciting program for this event includes full demonstrations of our industry-leading platforms and workshops on our industry’s most pressing issues. Our industry and technology specialists from all over the world will be available to meet on a wide variety of digital and broadcast industry opportunities.

This year, Accenture will be hosting our clients in two convenient locations to meet your specific needs:

Workshops, deep-dive demonstrations and detailed or custom meetings will be held in our Amsterdam office, which is located less than a mile from the RAI convention center. Transfers between locations will be offered.
Our Booth
Our booth on the show floor will serve your needs for demonstrations; especially featuring Accenture Digital Video. Please visit us in Hall 3 at stand 3.B39.

If IBC forms part of your plans in September, contact Tiffany Bennett to set up a demonstration or workshop.

With 55,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries, IBC remains the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.



Our workshops will explore industry dynamics, share Accenture insights, discuss client needs and detail how Accenture can help.

Grounded in shareholder value analysis of key players in the global broadcasting industry, the newest edition of Accenture’s Future of Broadcasting examines key strategies and activities media and entertainment companies are pursuing to successfully grow their businesses and meet shifting industry demands.

Now in its 4th edition, Pulse of Media talks about the strategic agility to remain competitive, uncovers the technology enablers required to track consumer preferences across platforms, and explores the new experiences and business models that will dominate the landscape going forward.

In this workshop, we will discuss Accenture’s Point of View, “Bringing TV to Life”, which focuses on the roles of Digital Content Aggregators (DCAs) and Digital Content Providers (DCPs), and the relationship between them, outlining some of the challenges that each face and opportunities for growth. From thinking to doing, we can also discuss how this point of view has helped inform Accenture Digital Video business strategy and associated investments in order to accelerate the capabilities we believe our clients require to position themselves for success in the disrupted value chain.

Shifting consumer viewing habits are generating a wealth of consumer insights that, when properly harnessed, can drive business growth. See how companies can successfully aggregate and integrate advanced analytics in order to monetize this data and create services-oriented and transversal capabilities. A demo of Accenture’s Advanced Analytics Solution for Advertising showcases Accenture’s approach to this opportunity.

New automated capabilities are creating tremendous opportunities for media companies to improve their ad sales operations. See how Accenture’s Multimedia Ad Sales Solution—powered by analytics and automation capabilities—enables actionable insight into customers, supports the planning andexecution of cross channel campaigns, supports programmatic channels, and improves forecasting and business performance insights.

Through our robust and agile Digital Video Delivery Factory solution, Accenture leverages its resources, skills and experiences to help clients overcome delivery challenges such as speed to market, multiple-channel proliferation, unpredictable scale and cost pressures.

During this workshop, we will discuss what a data-driven business looks like and what it does differently. We will look at examples of how content and media businesses across the world are creating business insights using data from video platforms and driving profitability across their business. Everyone is talking about data but what does it really mean and what do you need to do differently to create business insight?

During this workshop, we will discuss the types of capabilities and operating models that product testing factories need to adopt in order to support efficiencies that drive lower operating expenses while products become more and more efficient. Concepts such as smarter testing versus cheaper testing, better diagnosis strategies during white-box and black-box testing, automation rollout, environment and simulation strategies, and DevOps model compatibility will be presented.

The recent high-profile cyber-attacks on leading media and entertainment companies have elevated cyber security to global concern. Now media organizations are hyperaware of the need to protect both the enterprise and the key business asset – content. For today’s media company, smart cyber security defense includes protecting against cyber-attacks, remediating vulnerabilities, automating threat intelligence and managing digital identities across many platforms and channels. Learn how Accenture helps organizations create and implement failsafe security architectures and processes to tackle these key security threats.

In this workshop, explore how new cloud capabilities are helping broadcasters transform their customer experience, content workflow and back office operations. Look into how cloud is helping broadcasters radically shift their embedded culture and skillsets, playing a pivotal role in delivering content-rich services to multiple devices, enabling a positive business case for "digital end-to-end" tapeless workflow and allowing video coverage of live events to become ever more democratized, global and social.

Digital video companies need fast and cost effective ways to adapt and respond to rapidly changing consumer demands. Launching new products and services has to take days or weeks, not months. This new business reality requires a radically new approach to building, deploying and supporting technology – one that is agile, resilient and scalable. Attendees of the “From Legacy IT to Agile Platforms” workshop will learn, through real life use cases, how agile methodologies and micro-service architectures applied to digital video services can significantly increase the predictability of service delivery, reduce speed to market, and improve the customer experience.


The Accenture booth will take visitors on a journey through a selected portfolio of engaging demonstrations.

This demonstration shows how our cloud based media processing solution can be used to ingest any type of content from any source location, adapt it in any format and deliver it to any target location, for any device type (web, mobile and OTT).

This demonstration shows how broadcasters can launch a complete, compelling and innovative next generation video platforms leveraging AVS with a particular focus on the brand new release, AVS 6.0.

In a digital video industry that is increasingly moving at web speed, no one can afford to ignore the application of automation to every stage of their delivery organisation. The Accenture StormTest® platform applies automated video QoE testing across the delivery lifecycle, from software development through to service deployment and monitoring. Building your automation tests on the StormTest® platform will enable the development of quality video services at higher velocity, ultimately resulting in happier, more engaged customers. Watch our demo of StormTest® and discover how we can help you deliver quality video services to your customers.

This demonstration shows how a Command Center transforms the ways the next generation video platforms are operated by, providing a complete set of automation to increase the availability without human intervention, hot deployment of resources to cope with traffic peak and a multi-dimensional view of service performance. This includes quality of experience and quality of service using different levels of aggregation, which allows for a wide range of analysis from C-level down to the user device.

This demonstration gives an overview of this highly scalable and extensible data platform which enables consumer and operational insights across platforms.

In this demo clients will learn how Accenture develops and implements automated, streamlined workflows for companies across buying and selling functions based on technology.


Stay connected for the latest Accenture Media news, programs and hot topics at IBC 2016.

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