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Bernard Le Masson

Managing Director - Accenture Strategy, Public Service


Bernard le Masson is managing director for Public Service within Accenture Strategy and acts as global, Europe, Africa and Latin America lead for Accenture Health & Public Service Management Consulting. His role focuses on helping senior public service officials develop the capabilities, talent and offerings to drive better strategic outcomes.

Mr. le Masson has 25 years of deep management consulting skills and experience in Accenture and strong industry knowledge. He has worked on a number of significant government transformation projects, including the State reform program in France, and many strategic consulting programs for agencies, ministries and local governments.

Mr. le Masson was part of the public service innovation experts group, which produced a 2013 report on Public Service innovation in Europe at the request of the European Union—Directorate General for research and innovation. He is the co-chairman of the “European Center for Government Transformation,” a Brussels-based “think tank” co-chaired by Accenture, the Lisbon Council and the College of Europe.

Mr. le Masson is the President of the corporate citizenship body Accenture Foundation in France. In addition, he speaks at many public conferences on the topic of State reform.

Mr. le Masson has a Master's degree in business and political science from Institut d’Etude Politique de Paris. He is based in Paris.