BlueBay, a global asset management company, needed to upgrade its mobility technology to improve the overall user experience and strengthen employee collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, especially for those working remotely. Accenture defined an innovative and practical mobility and collaboration strategy roadmap designed to enable the company to power its business objectives. With a clear strategy in place, the company can make rapid strides to realize its vision of secure anytime, anywhere employee collaboration.

Strategy and solution

Accenture conducted a mobility and collaboration strategy program that involved workshops and interviews across the entire company to:

  • Identify employee pain points such as over-reliance on email and poor mobile user experience
  • Analyze the existing mobile landscape
  • Prioritize the capabilities required by the employees
  • Segment the user base by working method and mobility needs

Based upon this information and with excellent industry insight, Accenture defined a roadmap with actionable initiatives and a change enablement plan to help achieve a future state with improved employee mobility and collaboration.


With Accenture's help, the company is now able to begin well-defined initiatives to help achieve its vision of its employees being able to work wherever they want and collaborate at all times securely and in line with company and industry regulations. These initiatives include:

  • Establishing a mobile device management program
  • Providing remote workers with an experience as close to in-office as possible from outside
  • Enabling secure, managed document access and editing and the ability to perform administrative tasks while mobile
  • Enabling stronger communication and collaboration among employees whether in office or working remotely

By following the roadmap, the company will be able to achieve its global enterprise mobility and collaboration vision within approximately 18 months.

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