Viktor Z.


Viktor Z.


IT Consultant


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



Budapest University of Technology and Economics

What I Do

As an IT Consultant my job offers a lot of variety and I always work with the best people. Mainly I collaborate with clients from the bank sector, where we provide IT strategy solutions and support the end users. This includes measuring IT needs, implementing processes and supporting projects. The Accenture culture and environment guarantee I get to work with the best professionals and can continuously develop my career.

Day in my Life

The key aspect of my daily routine is to keep contact with clients and support them in every way I can. In my role I have access to every participant in the IT field, from the help desk operators to the IT leaders, which offers me a unique chance to meet new people and expand my knowledge. It is hard to describe an ordinary day; yesterday I developed a process, today I measure a knowledge database, tomorrow I will create a data security plan and, without any exaggeration, this is a very common week.

Outside the Office

Around the house there is always work to do but I really enjoy spending my time taking care of it. With my girlfriend we usually go on shorter or longer excursions, sometimes with friends and their dogs if we can organize it.

My Advice

First of all: you have to decide whether you want to do routine work on a day-to-day basis or if you want receive your salary for your knowledge and creativity. At Accenture you will need the latter and if you can prove that you have it during the interviews then you won’t have any trouble succeeding.