Peter Gy


Peter Gy


Software Developer Associate Manager


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


SZIE University / University of Gödöllő

What I Do

I’ve been at Accenture for nine months, focusing on building automation end building security. I was an experienced hire when I joined the company. I am excited about the technology that is constantly evolving so the buildings are smarter from year to year. I sell solutions to our customers for comfort and safety what business demand requires. In my last job the offered solutions was built around a product, now by Accenture I have the freedom to recommend for our clients demand the most appropriate solutions and products.

Outside the Office

My family is my second life I’ve been married 12 years and have two children. One of my child have Down Syndrom which makes family life difficult but we handle it together with my wife. We like to travel, and we’ve explored a lot of Europe. That includes a camping in Italy explore the alps in Austria or only discover Hungary’s lakes and rivers. Sometimes I go mountain biking or paragliding with my friend.


I got several meetings and discussions during the daily work about our clients’ needs or their problems and my team looks for their implementations or how to solve. Our customers do all kind of business from the hotel to the shopping center or office building to factories. The different needs have to be solved every day. To my daily life business development and ongoing monitoring of new trends are also included.

My Advice

If the opportunity arises for you, do not hesitate to work with Accenture, you will not regret it! A myriad of information on the company can be found on the Internet or in the media, please feel free to browse them.