Peter B.


Peter B.


SAP Consultant



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


Budapest University of Technology and Economics
I have been working for Accenture for a quite long time. I have had chance to work on different project assignments in the past years, which means totally different industries and type of clients.

What I Do

In my work, I help implement SAP, a system integration software, in particular its Finance and Controlling module. Introducing such software allows me to look into the processes of the client to understand their daily issues and help them achieve smoother operations with the solution. This can be imagined as a pure IT activity, speaking only about bits and bytes, but I would rather describe it as a business transformation process. I get to understand how my counterpart executes a simple business scenario, try to figure out how SAP and the connected architecture can support it, and in the end specify how we can ensure that the to-be operation does not harm the day-to-day business and satisfies the client’s needs.

Day in my Life

My day varies and it depends on the project and its phase. This makes the work interesting and challenging. I always come across problems I’ve never seen before. Through the years, though, I learned to get ready for such situations and can resolve them using past experiences. Usually I need to schedule my work to be completed during the day, otherwise time is consumed by ad hoc requests.

Outside the Office

During my work, I meet many people from all around the word, so I like to visit them or check out places they recommend. Why not visit friends in the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates or some European countries? I like to swim, which is a pretty boring activity, but it efficiently clears my mind after a long workday and helps me start the next one refreshed.

My Advice

A company like Accenture has many advantages. You can boost yourself, you can build your skills quickly. It is key for you to understand what is expected from you here. This journey is not easy, but can be very rewarding for you. If you would like to join us, consider your career needs, and answer a simple question: are you looking for challenges? If so, this company can be a good place for you.