Kitti H. Barna


Kitti H. Barna


Marketing Specialist


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Marketing & Communications


Master's at Corvinus, Bachelor's at BGF

About Me

What I Do

I’ve been with Accenture’s Marketing & Communications group for nearly a decade, always focused on geographic marketing. I am responsible for the overseeing the geographic marketing activities in Hungary. I am doing internal communications and external communications as well.

Outside the Office

I am a creative person and I like to try myself in various art fields: I tailor & sew, I create mosaic or paint wall designs, I decorate by decoupage, draw a garden plan or play the flute or the piano for my child… I am not really a sports person but I love the water so I attend swimming with my boy ones a week.

Day in my Life

I am a working mother and I got the opportunity to work part time. On a typical office day I wake up around 7 AM and have breakfast with my child. Before leaving to office I walk my child to my mother’s who looks after him while I work. We drive work together with my husband and go home together too. In office, first I read my emails and create a to-do-list for the day. Then I usually have my personal meetings set and I am busy with programs such as internal newsletter, client marketing campaign, internet marketing development or recruiting marketing support.

My Advice

Finding a balance between family and work can be quite a challenge, but Accenture’s wide range of flexible work arrangements (e.g. flexible work hours, the ability to work from home or remotely at times) allows working mother's opportunities to continue contributing in a meaningful capacity while satisfying their personal preferences.

Not all bosses will proactively offer a flexible work schedule. If you want it, present a plan to your manager outlining how you will execute a flexible schedule. This proactivity is generally advised for all career goals and milestones. Take charge and plan your next career move.