Júlia H.


Júlia H.


People Advisor Associate


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Human Resources


Corvinus University of Budapest
I really appreciate the everyday human contact in my work

About Me

What I do
As people advisor, I am the first point of contact for our colleagues to reach out to, when they have HR-related questions and concerns. This is a good base to make sure that my daily routine is never the same. Besides handling these everyday requests, my responsibilities are the administrative duties of HR: for example new joiner’s administration, preparing contracts, and contract modifications.

My Advice
It doesn’t matter what your role is, pay attention to details – every detail should be considered with the same importance. Finding the balance between being thorough and completing your tasks on time can be key to effectiveness.

Day In My Life
A typical weekday starts with: waking up; forming a new me in the bathroom; breakfast with my cat serenading on me eating first; getting out to the street and arriving to the office all fresh and ready. And then – it begins! After gathering my mug of coffee I can start making my to-do list to shape the day. Figuring out the solutions for the tasks with different complexities is always exciting, and sometimes, challenging. However for me the most important is: working together with these great and talented people in a pleasant and friendly environment is always motivating to be good at what I do.

Outside the Office
In my free time I spend time with those who are close to me, going to concerts, pubs, and as I have the opportunity, I travel inside the country or go abroad. As a way of relaxing, I like to do something creative, like drawing, painting and DIY things.