József Dálnoki


József Dálnoki


Program, Project & Service Management Manager



Area of Interest


Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Computer Science, Informatics
Always look for the challenges and uncomfortable situations to grow your professional career and get to know yourself better.

What I Do

I deal with clients in the region in the Communications, Media and Technology industry. I have no daily routine as my activities range from sales to delivery and include managing people and their skills to build a strong team. I focus mainly on business and technology transformation assignments for leading telco operators in the region. We help them solve their issues in the most optimized way and introduce very innovative ideas.

Day in my Life

I work with Accenture people from all around the world every day to meet the expectations of our clients. Also, I am in daily contact with clients and working with them on new project opportunities, delivery actuals, extensions of running projects and showing them new ways of thinking and innovation.

Outside the Office

I have a lovely family with my wife, two boys and a little dog, so I cannot say I am bored. We love to go hiking and be outside in nature and travel a lot. I love yoga and exercise weekly. My whole family is into gastronomy so we not only eat but cook special dishes. Besides all of these, I try to read as much as I can and try to make our living area more homey.

József Dálnoki József Dálnoki
József Dálnoki József Dálnoki

My Advice

Twelve years ago, I found myself in a multinational environment with a source of unlimited knowledge that is created and provided by its culture. To this day, I’m still looking for growth, and meeting new faces and challenges. If you are looking for similar attributes in a job then your place is here at ACCENTURE!