David C.


David C.


Team Lead


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


MSC in Electrical Engineering at Budapest Univ.

What I Do

I finished my diploma as a Controls Engineer and I actually started my engineering career in logistic systems. Joining Accenture I have started to work on business development, looking for new opportunities, analyzing market and possible clients. Therefore the preparation of sales material for our current industrial capabilities and credentials. With my work I enhance client productivity through digital technologies offering innovative solutions. I am a Team Leader of 12 engineers.

Day In My Life
First of all my responsibility is to Lead engineers working in London, Dubai and Tel Aviv. This involves mainly supervisory tasks like controlling their liability against Accenture. On the top of that I am in weekly, sometimes daily touch with all of them to ensure their working (visa, passes, timesheets, , expenses, over time) and personal circumstances (accommodation, travels, holiday) are provided. Within Accenture this can be a real challenge for me when certain issues have to be resolved urgently and of course smoothly so our engineers can focus on their projects.

Outside the Office

I honestly enjoy all kind of sports. If the weather conditions are good enough I ride my bike to get to work which gives me the push and in morning and a relaxation afterwards. For 7 years now I go to France to ski for at least a week. I trained kung-fu, basketball, skating, and table tennis. Nowadays my weekly activity is to grab the racquet and to play squash with my colleagues and friends. At sunny weekends I am keen to go outside for hiking, cycling or just enjoying the nature. I used to play the guitar for 10 years, but I changed my musical interest onto jaw harp, didgeridoo and zither so generally ethnographic instruments.

My Advice
People tends to enumerate what NOT do and how NOT to do. I always prefer to talk about and focus on what to do and how to do. Our time is very limited and there is no place to waste it for saying and concentrating on NO-s. Every time I am about to say something about “NO” there is a little subconscious flick which warns me that I may close one door in front of me. I rather go through and if is not what brings me forward I close it behind me and look for new opportunities.

All in all I advise a for everybody in every situation to consider the possibilities in YES and forget the NO!