Barnabás Bolla


Barnabás Bolla


Management Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


MSc Business Development, Corvinus University of Budapest
"Everything is a beginning of something."

What I Do

I support the project management team of a Technology program, where it is challenging to maintain borders between the client and myself. I always have to prove my professionalism, thoroughness and creativity. It is a huge responsibility to deliver on time and the expected quality as we are the link between the program team and management. I am also responsible for two trainees whose professional development greatly depends on me.

Day in my Life

I spend the most of my day at the client’s office where I am part of a team as a consultant. I usually attend project and program meetings, communicate and cooperate with program management and we often brainstorm with my colleagues on how to improve the program with innovative and value-adding ideas.

Outside the Office

I train for triathlons, study and travel a lot with my wife. At the moment, my free time and energy is consumed by the renovation of our flat.

My Advice
Work hard, but never forget about your family and friends. Find your balance!