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Adam B.


Adam B.


Software Engineering Senior Analyst


Hungary (English)

Area of Interest


Career Area

Software Engineering


BSc in Engineering Information Technology, University of Szeged

What I Do

I joined Accenture as a consultant / developer. I develop applications on the platform based on clients’ requirements.

Day In My Life
Every day is special: I work with colleagues from different countries and continents, but we don’t have to meet personally – we can work together in the cloud. We talk to each other on a daily basis, discuss the results from the previous day and the plan for the day. I work on these tasks: configure the application, develop new functions on the platform, which will serve the client’s needs. Since I develop applications for a cloud system, I always have to keep in mind some limitations – I do my best to implement resource-friendly solutions.

Outside the Office

In my free time, I like to cook both indoors and outdoors. Whether making a simple sandwich or a five-course dinner, I always love to work in the kitchen. If I had more time, I would like to discover the public transport system of any city or country, especially the tram, train or bus. In elementary school, I learned to play the piano and nowadays I play when I have the chance.

My Advice
No matter what you’re doing or working on, the key is to love it. If you love your job, you can achieve anything.