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Headquartered in the UK, Oxfam is an international confederation of 18 organizations operating in more than 90 countries worldwide to counter poverty. Working directly with communities, Oxfam seeks to ensure that low income individuals can improve their lives and have access to resources and opportunities. Oxfam has more than 10,000 staff and nearly 50,000 interns/volunteers globally. Based on its 2014-2015 annual report, the consolidated monetary value of funding it received was over €1 billion.

"For Oxfam, this has been an amazingly productive process with Accenture Development Partnerships. The commitment of the consultants involved, the in-depth discussions with affiliates and accompaniment were indispensable components to our successful journey."

Director Confederation
Development, Oxfam International


As part of its five-year 2020 strategic transformational plan, Oxfam sought to position itself as a knowledge-based organization in the international development sector. As part of this Oxfam needed to re-examine its management structures at the country, regional and global levels, unifying its multiple global programs and campaigns under a single, integrated operating structure.

Accenture Development Partnerships has been providing continuous support to Oxfam through the design, development and adoption of its 2020 strategic vision and framework. Following on from this, Accenture Development Partnerships was asked to support the conversion of the proposed business models into actionable high-level operational plans to help Oxfam achieve its 2020 strategy.


Accenture Development Partnerships works with leading international development organizations to address the world’s complex social, economic and environmental issues. By delivering the power of Accenture’s global capabilities and experience, Accenture Development Partnerships positively impacts the lives of people in the developing world.

Working for Oxfam, the Accenture team supported ten affiliates with converting their business models into business plans. By outlining and defining the required changes, the team was able to help each affiliate realize its part of the Oxfam 2020 vision and strategy. The team also developed an Inter-Affiliate Accountability Framework to underpin this. The project approach involved three separate phases:

Phase 1: Defining a standardized approach by developing a high-level business plan with clear links between the business model and the scope. Establishing an affiliate engagement schedule.

Phase 2: Engaging the affiliates and gathering information through face-to-face visits and business model reviews. Creating the business plans through analysis and workshops, as well as defining and prioritizing affiliate-specific activities and challenges.

Phase 3: Working with the affiliates to translate the activities and priorities into executable plans. Examining the “to be” operational focus and organization structures, as well as finance and income scenario planning and public engagement. The team also helped develop an overarching transition plan.


Accenture Development Partnerships developed a comprehensive set of deliverables, designed to support the affiliates in creating operational strategies and plans that were achievable over the next few years, to meet the 2020 strategy. These included:

  • The definition and refinement of a business model and strategy.

  • The development of a business plan that included prioritized initiatives; operational planning; financial and income scenario planning; and public engagement and transition planning.

  • The design of a “to-be” organization for four affiliates to support the new affiliate business plans, including the creation of departments to align with the new focal points.

In addition, the team supported these deliverables with a meticulous data driven analysis, drawing wider insights and themes from 247 initiatives across nine functional areas throughout the ten targeted affiliates. Accenture Development Partnerships presented its point of view and recommendations on Inter-Affiliate Accountability at the Oxfam International Management team meeting.

The Accenture Development Partnerships team leveraged expertise from Accenture Strategy as well as Corporate Citizenship hours from local Accenture T&O experts to deliver a leading solution. The work was well received by Oxfam and in recognition, Accenture was asked to continue the work and provide additional support to further affiliates.

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