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Australian Taxation Office: Creating a high-performance revenue solution to drive change

Learn how Accenture helped the ATO with a revenue solution resulting in a gain in operational efficiency and improved client services.


In 2003, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) embarked on an ambitious journey known as the Easier, Cheaper and More Personalized (ECMP) change program. Through this restructuring, the ATO sought to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal operations and drive improvements in terms of taxpayers’ experiences and compliance.

Accenture enabled ATO’s vision for change by consolidating numerous IT systems, enhancing critical business functions and integrating whole-of-government interactions. As a result, the ATO has delivered improved client services and realized A$150 million per year in operational savings.

In 2002, the ATO needed to respond to major changes in Australia’s tax landscape, including complexity arising from the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST), increased compliance costs for businesses and community perceptions of inflexible customer service. Consequently, the ATO embarked on the ECMP program to create a tax and superannuation system that was easier for taxpayers to deal with, cheaper for the agency to manage and able to offer more personalized citizen services.


Accenture was the ATO’s principal transformation partner from the initial analysis through to all phases of program delivery. Accenture helped the ATO create one integrated information technology platform, consolidating the agency’s core functions into just two systems:

  • Integrated Core Processing (ICP) - for client registration, processing and accounting.

  • Siebel - for case management, collections and customer relationship management.

Through the program, Accenture migrated more than 27 million taxpayer records, 32 million accounts and 282 million forms into its new ICP system.

In addition, the parties worked together to enhance critical business functions, including

  • improved business intelligence, using a consolidated Teradata Data Warehouse reporting solution and analytics capability (applying SAS Institute software)

  • new and updated online capabilities that allow individuals and businesses in Australia to register and maintain their details online through the Australian Business Register portal (

  • integrated services to enable whole-of-government interaction, allowing the ATO to respond flexibly to changing business conditions and regulations.


The solutions have helped the ATO to achieve A$150 million in annual savings from improved operational efficiency – funds that have now been reinvested into the business.

Employees have access to a single view of client tax and superannuation accounts and new tools to detect and pursue noncompliance.

Accenture continues to work with the ATO to deliver a range of strategic initiatives and advance its pursuit of operational and client service excellence – delivering public service for the future.