The power of process: Accelerating high performance with Accenture and SAP

Accenture and SAP can help retailers achieve high performance through better, cheaper and faster business processes.


In an uncertain economy, process optimization is no longer an option for retailers. It’s a must. Just ask the industry’s high performers. Accenture’s High Performance Business research shows that the high performers in retail really appreciate the power of process—in up cycles and down.

The industry’s high performers have outpaced their competitors consistently and continually because they have invested in simple, streamlined, transparent and end-to-end business processes to achieve process excellence—the key to the flawless, customer-focused execution that distinguishes leading companies from their peers.

If retailers want to achieve competitive advantage, maintaining their market position in tough economic times and positioning for market leadership in a brighter future, they need to invest in the processes that can drive inefficiencies and waste out of the operating model. A unique collaboration, Accenture and SAP can provide the right combination of capabilities to make such investments successful.

Why Accenture

Accenture and SAP can provide the right combination of capabilities to make such investments successful. We have been working together for more than three decades in an alliance relationship that balances SAP’s global leadership in ERP solutions with Accenture’s unmatched depth of retail industry experience, research-based knowledge and breadth of global assets. We offer the benefits of a unique collaboration.

Specific Services

  • The Accenture Global Retail Process Model provides the process architecture to drive waste and inefficiencies out of the operating model and achieve process clarity. The model incorporates best practices from thousands of different Accenture projects to extend and sustain its relevance to individual clients. It also maps at the sub-process level to the Accenture Retail Business Solution for SAP to enable rapid access to SAP configuration guides and other document templates contained in the Solution.

  • The Accenture Retail Business Solution for SAP is a pre-configured instance of SAP for Retail and a library of document templates designed to jumpstart delivery while reducing both costs and risks throughout the lifecycle of a project. It provides requirements documents, business process designs, configuration designs and Conference Room Pilot scripts that can be used to simplify projects, improve quality and shorten project timelines. The solution incorporates best practices from multiple previous SAP for Retail engagements—every time SAP upgrades so do we—and can be customized to suit individual client needs.

  • The Accenture Global Delivery Network, which clients can leverage to cut costs and improve performance.

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