Digital Workplace Transformation

We provide clients with innovative, distributed computing solutions that equip multiple types of workers, support any type of device, provide access anywhere/anytime and maintain security.

Opportunity and disruption


Today’s evolving workplace technologies present both opportunity and disruption for end users and support organizations.

The pace of change can be overwhelming, and it’s critical to understand which technologies are right for the business and both when and how to implement. In addition, balancing the sometimes conflicting needs of the end-user community with corporate IT mandates is a constant juggling act.

Employees push for increased mobility, personalization and flexibility in the workplace, while corporate IT seeks to control access, standardize processes and ensure compliance.

In the evolution to intelligent infrastructure, we can guide your workplace through the changing technology landscape, providing desktop solutions for different types of workers to enable flexibility and efficiency.

We can help you develop short- and long-term workplace strategies that leverage collaboration tools, automation, mobility and analytics into your workplace capabilities.

Our services include virtual desktop capabilities, automatic software upgrades, self-service support options and collaboration tools that deliver high-quality operating capability for distributed platforms.

With multiple, standardized, pre-tested configurations that are designed to meet the needs of different types of workers, we help our clients migrate to the latest operating systems and software. Services include automated, remote and self-service support options.

Standardized software and platforms, delivered on premise or from the cloud, supports consistent user experience and enables employees to securely work on any device from anywhere.

A digital day in the life


Digital Day in the Life video: A video showcasing how Accenture's Digital Workplace Offerings can enable a Digital Enterprise

Why Accenture

We have the ability to work through the complexity and interconnectedness of intelligent infrastructure, to make applications work on multiple platforms and support any device capability.

Our completeness of vision for the next three to five years means we can precisely help our clients determine where to invest and where not to.

By integrating security into our services, we provide for more complete solutions. For example, our UCMMS capability provides a secure, customizable cloud offering to email modernization.

Our Unified Communications-as-a-Service reduces up-front costs and provides a compelling value proposition to our clients.

Our depth of experience in performing UCC transformations at scale is unrivaled in the marketplace.

Our patented email modernization tool coordinates the migration of email services at speed from legacy to a cloud-based system.

Our vendor-agnostic services and deep skills across a variety of technologies provide an independent point of view and capability.

We provide a complete lifecycle of services from up-front diagnostics, strategy and planning through large-scale transformation and ongoing operations to enable a higher performing workplace.

Our clients get consistent, collaborative, comprehensive and cost-efficient services—anywhere in the world.

We offer deep experience and insights. Our 17,000 Infrastructure Services professionals have served more than 1,000 clients across at least 40 industries, and on every leading platform, for more than 20 years.

Specific services

Our Workplace services include:

  • Mobile Workplace services provide the ability to work securely from anywhere, on any device and anytime by utilizing our experience in Virtualization, Enterprise Device Management and Digital Identity.

  • Collaboration services facilitate on premise and cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions and services, enabling people to interact anytime, anywhere and from any device. We help clients select and implement communications and collaboration technologies and can also integrate those technologies with key business processes.

  • Workplace Modernization services help clients quickly and easily upgrade and migrate the technologies used by their employees. We standardize computer desktops, implement automated, remote and self-service support options, test applications, provide remediation services and help clients move to Evergreen Solutions.

Client case studies

Accenture IT report

"Digital is redefining how we work, every business day. We are embarked on an exciting journey as we equip Accenture to be a fully digital business."

CIO Andrew Wilson

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