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Finance, risk and regulatory solutions for insurers

Read Accenture’s recommended five-step process that carriers can use to create an effective risk strategy.


Carriers are faced with more than underwriting risk. Global expansion, more demanding customers and regulatory requirements are changing the way that carriers manage risk. Increasingly, carriers need sophisticated models for risk management—as well as accurate, validated data that is appropriate for those models.

By integrating risk management into the company’s core strategy, carriers can also improve cash flow and reduce capital costs. Further benefits include:

  • Obtaining a clear view of risk across the company.

  • Upgrading operational efficiency and enabling better decision making.

  • Improving relations with ratings and regulatory agencies.

Ultimately, integrated risk management allows carriers to make better strategic and operational decisions, driving high performance.

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Why Accenture

Accenture works with 34 of the top 40 insurers worldwide, and more than half of all North American carriers. We offer services that integrate our expertise in management consulting, information technology and business process outsourcing.

Accenture Risk and Regulatory Solutions is based on our expertise helping clients develop effective risk management strategies. It also leverages the deep capabilities of Accenture Risk Management, a dedicated service line that offers:

  • A global team of risk management and insurance specialists.

  • Demonstrated experience.

  • Reusable, proven solutions.

Accenture’s deep knowledge of the insurance industry, combined with our demonstrated capabilities in risk management, enables us to offer our clients the people, solutions, frameworks and methodologies that they need to achieve high performance.

Contact us to find out how to enable better decision-making with Accenture Risk and Regulatory Services.