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Intelligent network operations


For Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to make the most of their Pervasive Network opportunities, they will need to reinvent themselves to become an essential part of customers’ daily routine. One important requirement will be that they transform their Network Operations, including the provisioning (order to activate), maintenance (ticket to repair) and service experience management processes, which are encountering reshaped customer expectations.

Intelligent Network Operations enables CSPs to transform their current operating model into a Digital Platform Organization, utilizing:

  • A customer-centric approach, anticipating expectations and providing a seamless experience.

  • An agile and data-driven culture, leveraging automation (RPA, AI), digital tools (AI/VR) and analytics.

  • Eco-system value, with new sourcing models such as crowdsourcing and liquid workforce.

This value proposition is structured around five key pillars:

  • Advisory services, ranging from Strategy & Planning to Service Transformation Office, which focus on unlocking and realizing full value from current operations, improving customer experience through NPS and service KPIs, and reducing costs by up to 30%.

  • Multispeed technologies and operations that optimize provisioning and maintenance processes, while evolving the architecture into lean digital operations. Using a command center for B2B/B2C services and implementing self-care and AI solutions, typical outcomes are an increase in remote resolution, reduction in installation/repair time and reduction in back office workload.

  • Connected digital worker provides field technicians with digital technologies and applications to increase process efficiency and service quality. A one-stop-shop solution for Digital Field Workforce integrates cutting-edge technologies with crowdsourcing platforms, while enabling real-time collaboration. Typical outcomes are reduction in handling time, reduction in work processes (simpler processes) and reduction in onboarding time.

  • AI-driven assurance anchors intelligent data-driven operations around the customer. Using a mixed workforce of humans, robots and AI entities, Accenture services range from design of the technology blueprint to support for the implementation and evolution of the solutions. Typical outcomes are reduced operating costs, improved customer experience, and accelerated adoption of new technologies, including analytics, AIP and RPA.

  • NOC2SOC2VOC consists of NOC evolution to SOC, leveraging analytics capabilities to support a new digital services operation model (VOC). Accenture services range from design of the transformation program to provisioning a framework to engage employees, and from definition of meaningful use cases to provision of the analytics factory service. Results include improved customer experience, reduced operating costs and increased operations efficiency.

As a new wave of change rolls across the telco industry, Intelligent Network Operations helps CSPs establish a smart path to becoming the Telco of the Future; effectively manage the implementation of new capabilities; and operate in a lean manner that supports the innovative, dynamic business and service models required to be successful.