Plan to Survive the Worst-Case Scenario

Despite all the resources invested in information security, any organization can fall victim to a successful cyberattack.

In the worst case, even the most mature security program may be unprepared to respond effectively to a truly sophisticated adversary. In such events, it is important to have a properly equipped and experienced, go-to partner.

FusionX is prepared to help its customers with the highest level Digital Forensics and Incident Response (IR) capabilities, regardless of scale, scope and complexity.

When established security fails to prevent an intrusion, FusionX offers a team ready to respond immediately and effectively.

Incident response is complex, but a well-established capability helps minimize the impacts of a breach.


Making Informed Decisions, Quickly

Because of the complexity of incident response, a successful program is highly dependent on people, with a lesser reliance on tools than traditional protection and detection capabilities.

Effective incident response requires informed decisions made quickly. Each incident has unique circumstances that must be evaluated and processed in order to quickly move to a state of resolution.

However, any incident, big or small, should be handled according to a repeatable but flexible process that includes appropriate steps to contain and remediate the incident in the most efficient way.

FusionX has refined a process that has proven successful in containing and evicting sophisticated attackers with both pervasive and persistent access to a variety of client environments.

High-level steps in the incident response process include:

Triage – Understanding the incident parameters
Active Response – Identifying & analyzing evidence
Remediation – Hunting down & removing the threat

The core elements to the FusionX incident response capability include:

Seasoned responders with repeatable and well-tested methods and procedures informed by a unique perspective of the adversary
Focused response skills for the right expertise to complement your teams
Unified capability with all necessary skills in one place
Integrated adversary profiling to ensure timeliness and completeness of response


Think like the adversary

FusionX is dedicated to providing incident response capabilities at the highest level in the industry, based on its background in realistic, sophisticated adversary simulation services.

We think like the enemy – identifying the highest-risk targets and tracing back hacker techniques to give us a better sense of the threat and what’s happening. This informs the approach we take.

Our in-house forensic analysis and reverse engineering capabilities are available around the clock – clients have no need of third-party services during the engagement, and all preparation and follow-up activities can be supported seamlessly.

We integrate internal and best-of-breed threat intelligence into the incident response process to contextualize information and profile the attacker to understand methods and motivations. Our differentiators include:

Adversarial thinking – Clients gain peace of mind that entrenched attackers really are driven out
Holistic approach to cyber defense – Reduce likelihood of follow-up breaches
Vendor-agnostic – Incident response is about people; you get the skills, not the tool