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Change for Financial Services

We help banks, insurers and capital markets firms develop transformation capabilities, enabling them to change their businesses fundamentally.


Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Managing Director – Financial Services, Talent & Organization, Change Offering Lead

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Financial services providers are continuously exposed to more—and more intense—pressures linked to market forces, globalization, cost reduction, digitization and regulation, among others. Each of these creates a compelling case for change, and so the ability to change quickly has become a vital competitive advantage.

There are many considerations that must be borne in mind when changing the way firms work, the way they serve their customers, and the way they run their businesses. Among the most important are: 

  • Change Outcomes — Does the organization maximize its ROI from change investments, and what are the opportunity cost and negative impact of change that fails to provide the targeted outcomes?

  • Change Effectiveness — Do programs consistently meet their goals, and is change sustained in the organization after implementation? Is the risk profile of the change portfolio understood and managed?

  • Change Efficiency — If the productivity of change delivery were to increase by 30-50 percent, what would the impact be? What proportion of change is provided by offshore teams and using industrialized capabilities? Can the change team flex its capacity and cost around fluctuating demand?

We use change analytics to improve financial services firms' insight into their change programs, while accelerating delivery, reducing risk, and maximizing their return on their change investments. We help them shape, deliver and embed changes throughout their organizations as well as their broader ecosystems.

Transforming Financial Services

This short video looks at the nature and intensity of change in financial services and how firms can respond effectively.


Change Analytics

We use market-leading analytics to bring insight to our clients’ change programs. ChangeTracking® is the foremost tool for understanding whether change will be successful and where groups are going off-track—and what to do next.

Business Transformation

We help financial services firms fundamentally change the way they do business and serve customers. This involves a wide variety of interventions to provide certainty around change leadership, roadmap development, journey management, culture and behavior change, and benefits realization.

Change Management

Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides all the basics of change management, from stakeholder management and business readiness to implementation management, communications, training and operational alignment. Together these help accelerate delivery, reduce the risk inherent in change, and increase the benefits.

Change Capability

We assist our clients to strengthen their change capability, not only by developing their internal professional change teams but also by enhancing their business change-readiness and their change leadership capability. We also help them with change managed services, which provide rapid, flexible access to change specialists both onshore and offshore.