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Accenture financial services talent and organization


Financial Services firms are realizing that the benefit of technology lies not so much in the efficiencies it brings. Rather, it is in its potential to enable their people to accomplish more. Their best response to digital disruption, therefore, is to help people adapt, learn and evolve, challenge the status quo, create new solutions and drive change.

We use an insights-driven approach that enables Financial Services clients to accelerate workforce performance, creating agile organizations that continually adapt with certainty, at speed and at scale.

We collaborate with our clients to reshape the workplace, the workforce and work, preparing them for the technology and customers of tomorrow. We enable them to transform their HR practices and employee experiences, so that they can unleash the full potential of their talent.

We help them to master change and to enhance their agility through new nimble organizations and operating models. In short, we assist them in shaping their organization and building their capabilities to succeed in an ever-changing digital world.

Transforming Financial Services

This short video looks at the nature and intensity of change in financial services and how firms can respond effectively.


Financial Services Talent & Organization supports our clients in three essential ways:

  • Delivering a Future Ready Workforce: helping Financial Services organizations reimagine work and build tomorrow’s workforce to drive productivity, capability and agility for profitable, long-term growth.

  • Enhancing Workforce Experience & HR: using human-centered design to enable Financial Services organizations to increase agility, talent retention, quality of hire, and performance across the workforce.

  • Facilitating Organization Agility: supporting Financial Services organizations in their efforts to drive transformation, innovation, agility and change with certainty, at speed and scale, enabled by the right leadership.


Financial Services Talent & Organization has a proven track record in helping clients reinvent the workforce and organization for sustainable advantage in a changing landscape.

  • Digital leadership: We help clients unleash the power of digital technologies, using analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to deliver data-driven insights and value for businesses at speed and scale.

  • Industry expertise: We understand the industry change pressures and how to make change successful within financial services. Our tools, assets and services are tailored to the needs of the industry - we have a significant body of professionals dedicated to Financial Services.

  • Innovative thought, excellent execution: Our innovation and delivery centers, research labs, and design studios offer the blend of cutting-edge thinking and excellence of execution clients need to solve tomorrow’s workforce and transformation challenges.

  • Extensive experience with human capital technologies and solutions: As the world’s leading systems integrator, Accenture has deep experience in the full spectrum of human capital technology solutions, from enterprise resource planning to software-as-a-service.

  • Global reach and scale: Our delivery capabilities bring together global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets, and deep industry and technology skills.

  • Bringing science to our delivery: We help define new generations of solutions based on scientific analysis and research. One example is Transformation GPS, which is a predictive and prescriptive change analytics tool that takes a research-based insight and predictive analytical approach to provide organizations with a navigation system, and the insights and support they need to achieve exceptional performance across times of major transformation.

  • Market leader in human capital management: Analysts rate Accenture as a leader in HR consulting, cloud services and HR outsourcing. We have also won multiple awards recognizing our change and HR capabilities and accomplishments.


Andrew Woolf

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization Practice Lead

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Andrew Young

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Change Offering Lead

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Rosario Russo

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Human Resources Lead

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Luis Díaz Gutiérrez

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Workforce of the Future Lead

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